View Full Version : ATF: Mallard - Sides of Mallard M312?

06-25-2017, 11:29 AM
Good afternoon all, hoping someone here could help point me in the right direction.
First, I had a minor incident where the tail of my trailer swung wide and clipped something leaving 2 small, black scuff marks about 6-8 inches wide x 1/4 high on the white side of my trailer. Also scratched one of the stickers. I was pretty mad (at myself) at first for it, but hen realized it could have been A LOT worse in many ways (it didn't hit my rear door, didn't hit the corner molding and most importantly didn't tear into or even scratch the surface of the wall).
So my questions are:
1. What is that outer wall made of the trailer made of? Fiberglass? Vinyl?
2. What is the best thing I could use to get rid of the black scuff marks out of the white paint without doing more damage to the paint or wall? Would a simple compound work?
3. What is the best wax to use to recover the area once fixed?
4. Lastly, how can I replace that sticker that is scratched? I suppose contact either Camping World or Heartland direct? Would they just sell that one piece small sticker?

Thanks for any help or guidance.