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08-16-2008, 10:15 AM
From experience I would like to see overall better fit and finish. I have recently inspected our unit after having many problems and found that the outer fiberglass shell has very poor caulking around edges, especially on the front cap I think this may the reason why I am collecting water inside the plastic shell that is on the outside of the trailer below the master bedroom and behind the hitch. When I level the trailer out I get a steady poor of water coming from the light which is mounted outside behind the fifth wheel hitch. It looks as though there is preliminary delamination occurring. Removal of the plastic shell is required for further inspection. I suspect that mold will be growing in the insulation if this issue is not rectified in the very near future.

Another problem that I see with the finish is very un-professional installation of the water lines and electrical wires. It looked to me that they were just installed with out due care or attention to craftsmanship. I had to recently remove the panel in the basement of our 3490 BHS to investigate water leakage issues. Up on removal I found a complete entangled mess of wires and water lines. There were four loose water connections; one on the hot water tank which was caused by stress cracking due to a vent line installed against the plastic output line from the top of the hot water tank. A simple carbon steel nipple and 45 degree elbow rectified this issue. The three other leaks were on dump station control panel.

The interior of the trailer we have a few issues with delamination of the walls in the bunk room and on the living room walls, also we have moldings that have become un-glued along edges and corners. The kitchen sink had to be re caulked, and we have a leak in the bathroom still unsure the cause of it. During heavy rains the bedroom and living room slide leak.

Please donít get me wrong, my wife and I love the floor plan of our 3490 BHS.

Chris and Eva Davis
Spruce Grove Alberta.