View Full Version : how hard is it to install a heat strip in AC unit?

08-16-2008, 08:13 PM
I have a Duo Therm Brisk Air 13.5 A/C unit with an option for a heat strip. I do not camp in cold weather very often but will be this fall for a long weekend. I have propane heat but would like to add the heat strip to my A/C unit. I am pretty handy but cannot find info online about difficulty level for installing the heat option. I know heat pumps are more efficient but since it will be used very infrequently I cannot justify replacing the entire AC unit. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

08-16-2008, 08:47 PM
It should be very easy. It has a plug that plugs into the AC and I believe 1 screw to hold it in place.

Delaine and Lindy
08-17-2008, 10:27 AM
We had a Domentic model and it was very simple, just remove the cover and its plug and play. However I must tell you it doesn't put a lot of heat out. Its much cheaper to just buy a small heater at Wally World and it will produce more heat. We have a small tower model and it does a great job. I wouldn't install another heat strip, IMO its just not worth the money. Good Luck... GBY....

08-17-2008, 10:42 AM
We bought a Pelonis ceramic electric space heater at Camping World several years ago. That little heater heats up the whole 5er so good we don't even need to use the propane heater unless it gets VERY cold (lower than 32). You might check out one of those as the propane saving will pay for itself. The Pelonis heater runs about $90 but it is a very safe and efficient space heater.

Uncle Rog
08-17-2008, 11:00 AM
We have two ceramic type heaters, $30-$40 each, and with hook ups they are the hot ticket. We camped last t-day in Lone Pine, 20's at night, and one in concert with the fire place kept the rig nice. When dry camping we use the Mr Heater unit, I have not hard mounted a gas line for it, we have a valve to re-fill the 1# bottles and rarely use the main unit..........