View Full Version : Update new suspension system

11-24-2017, 10:18 AM
Our goal was improve the ride in our NT30RK to save wear and tare on the trailer, truck and us. At the rally in Goshen ,RV Improvements installed their Liberty Rider and Joy Rider systems. Liberty Rider eliminates the equalizer to give two independent axles. new US made slipper springs and Never fail bushings. Joy Rider adds gas shocks to the package. When equalizer was removed the nylon bushings were worn in an oval shape. The oem springs were 1 1/2 inch wide the new slippers are 2 inches wide.
Two trips completed one 500 miles the other 1500 miles. Here’s what we found.
1. Trailer is more stable under foot when parked.
2. “Chucking “ is reduced on rough roads.
3. Items in the cabinets and refrigerator stay put.
4. Two recliners and end table no longer have to be tied down.(I did add rubber feet to the end table)
5. Accidentally left a gallon jug on the rear counter while traveling it stayed put.
6. Dexter axle offed a great deal on their replacement automatic adjustment brakes.We put them on when we got home. Wow in combination with Liberty Rider,all four tires are on the road all the time.( no axle roll) I had to turn down the gain in the truck.
Yes the Improvements were worth the cost to us. We plan to keep the 30RK for many years to enjoy.If anything of note should come up I will report it.