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12-13-2017, 12:52 PM
Iím thinking there might be a Ruger semi under the Christmas tree this year. I just wanted to get your opinions on holster material type. All of my hosters have been a formed leather of some type. And for the most part, Iíve been fairly happy. But I have been looking at a Fobus holster which is a composite plastic/carbon fiber material of some sort. I just wanted to see if anybody had any experience with a holster with this type of material. I mainly concerned about the wear on the finish of the SideArm. Their holsters seem to get pretty good reviews. Especially with fit and finish and adjustable retention.

Thanks in advance.

12-13-2017, 01:26 PM
Hey there Jamie; have you looked at the Sneaky Pete models.

12-13-2017, 01:32 PM
For IWB holster I use FOXX holsters.

I also have a couple of the FOBUS brands for around the house. They are very well made. My daughter uses a FOBUS for MY Glock 19 when she is working at the range (her second job).

12-13-2017, 01:53 PM
Jamie, I have a couple of alien gear holsters and they're adjustable for different firearms

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12-13-2017, 02:06 PM
Kydex is the 20th century leather replacement (https://www.google.com/search?biw=1604&bih=837&ei=TXkxWtGJO8nEmwHqlp-YDA&q=kydex&oq=kydex&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i67k1j0l5j0i67k1j0i20i264k1j0l2.3812.3932.0 .4356.

#1 LEO son just got this for his new off duty M&P Shield.
He's looked at a lot and his crew seem to prefer the Alien gear stuff.

Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Kit (https://www.amazon.com/Alien-Gear-Holsters-ShapeShift-Starter/dp/B07664YK78/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1513191659&sr=8-1&keywords=alien+gear+shapeshift)
Me - doesn't matter - ain't no CCW in Jersey unless you are LE or a criminal.

12-13-2017, 03:01 PM

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12-13-2017, 03:42 PM
I have a couple of the Fobus paddle holsters for OWB and like them for that. Don't notice any wear on the weapons from them. For IWB, I recently bought a "We The People" holster for my S&W .45 Shield and really like it. I've got other IWB's for my other pistols, but the WTP is the most comfortable and easiest to reholster.

Since I may have to occasionally disarm to enter some locations, I prefer holsters that don't attach to the belt.

Shortest Straw
12-13-2017, 04:01 PM
I have tried what you are looking at and was not satisfied. Switched to Aliengear 3 years ago and have not purchased another holster since.

12-13-2017, 04:20 PM
Thanks everyone.

I have always preferred a paddle type holster. As I can remove it easily when I get home or get into the car. But Iíve been considering an IWB. Might be a little easier to hide under a sweatshirt or jacket.

12-13-2017, 04:41 PM
Personally, I've done Kydex in the past (have 3 or 4) and really don't care for them. I decided to have a custom leather made by T&T Gunleather

If you look at his website scroll down and you will see MY holster, made for a Sig .45 Ultra 1911. Has shark trim and is very comfortable IWB.
I think leather is the only way to go. Retention is firm, and no marks on the sidearm as with Kydex.

12-13-2017, 05:53 PM
My personal experience is you get what you pay for: I use specific holster brands for specific applications :

shoulder holster: Andrews Leather
ankle: Alessi Holsters
appendix: Trex arms
outside waist band: Raven Concealment

also remember a quality gun belt will make a world of difference: I like Ares Gear, Aegis enhances belt

Good luck with your new sidearm


12-13-2017, 06:25 PM
I got a recommendation for Kore gun belts.

Kore Essentials (https://www.koreessentials.com/collections/gun-belts)

Im not going to be carrying anytime soon, but I need a belt anyway, so may as well get one and try it out.

12-14-2017, 11:45 AM
For IWB I have been very happy with a Sticky Holster. https://stickyholsters.com/ I like that you can postion any where you want, front, back, side, cross draw. You would think that it would move, but it doesn't. It stays where you place it and is very comfortable. Easy draw on the gun and easy to pull holster and gun out when getting in a car. Can be used in car to position in between seat to hold gun there while traveling.

03-06-2018, 09:37 PM
Thanks everyone.

I have always preferred a paddle type holster. As I can remove it easily when I get home or get into the car. But Iíve been considering an IWB. Might be a little easier to hide under a sweatshirt or jacket.

I use a Crossbreed Mini Tuck. Very comfortable even in the Texas heat. I suggest getting the horsehide as it is smoother against the skin. With this holster I can wear a t-shirt tucked in and you can't tell I am armed.

07-16-2018, 12:19 AM
New member here (this is my second post to this site); while I should be headed to bed I wish to share my holster biases.

I originally felt belt attached quality leather was the way to go, that's why I now have many expensive (unused) exotic skins; ALL Beautiful works of art. But they are very expensive and slow to be delivered (a full year is not unheard of).

However one time I was in a bind and tried a plastic holster - I've not purchased any leather since then. Plastics, always cheap (and quick) to procure, and always easier to draw/ holster. Plus (stinky) sweat doesn't bother them.

Eventually (again out of necessity) I tried my first pancake style attachment - and now I'm sold on it (when seated in a car you can slide it forward, when out and about you can push it rearward). Yes a bad guy might take the entire rig away from you - but I'm not concerned - to me it's a comfort benefit that outweighs the negatives (so sue me).

As they say ... your mileage may vary, but these are my (admittedly now liquored up) holster beliefs. Teaching this old dog new tricks.

07-16-2018, 07:30 AM
I can not speak for other people, but personally I cannot stand IWB CC. I have a bit of belly overhang and IWB is uncomfortable for me. The rear sights always seem to poke me constantly.

Therefor I choose to carry OWB almost exclusively with Tagua 4 in 1 leather holsters. The 4 in 1 design allows for a myriad of carry positions from SoB to 4 O'clock to cross draw. Th leather has never given me an issue even with 90+% humidity that is normal in middle GA. The retention adjustment is easy to set and adjust.

Just my 2 pennies!

07-16-2018, 03:07 PM
Ended going with a Fobus OWB paddle holster. Very pleased with the fit, form and function. Time will tell if the plastic material will wear on the barrel finish.


07-16-2018, 03:10 PM
It will.


07-16-2018, 04:25 PM
I was trying to figure out how to download a picture of my Ruger and a Kydex IWB that I love......................been so long since I have downloaded I'm sure I have forgotten............let's see if this works.
This is a holster that I made from Kydex. I have a hybrid Alien leather/Kydex that I use for work, shirt/tie and the shirt get's tucked in and it's OK.
What I love about the one(s) I made, is I can put it on my casual clothes, slip it onto my "gun" belt, toss on an open sports shirt and be out the door NOW.
I have not seen much wear at all on my Ruger SR9C, but then I hope I never have to draw it. But I made the Kydex (and carbon fiber holsters) 6 years ago.

07-18-2018, 09:13 PM
Seeking a holster for these two M2 Benelli's (18.5" & 26").