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12-24-2017, 12:46 PM
I came up with this design to have a second bedroom. Used the 4010RD foot print so that's how long it would be. Many of us older couples for one reason or another do not sleep together any longer (usually medical reasons) and this then requires the "hide-a-bed" to be used each night and that can be a pain again due to us being older. So, I came up with this thought I'd place it here and get some input. The design does remove the availability of the couch but my thoughts are if you have guest you can use the dining chairs for extra seating. After all most of us try and stay where it's warmer weather anyway, and we spend a lot of time sitting outside. So, I don't think the loss of the couch is a big problem. Take and look and see what y'all think. I know the attachment looks like a black rectangle, but click on it and use a Adobe program to open it and it should work, I don't know what it did this since I have posted PDF's before and they worked okay?



12-24-2017, 06:59 PM
Saw your plan and I have had another ideal for a second bed. A Murphy bed with a desk. I saw these at Costco a while back and the desk slips under the bed with everything on it and stays level. Just pull the bed down, it was counter weighted so it went up and down like nothing. They came in singles, doubles, queens and kings, they even had a single that went sideways.