View Full Version : Theater Seating in leiu of Recliner Chairs

Rick and Michele
01-18-2006, 06:54 PM
We are sold on Landmark and will be purchasing the Monticello either late this year or early 07. That said, we noticed a really neat option on a competitor - Mobile Suites by Doubletree. They offer a Theater Seating option with a center console that replaces the swivel recliners; with this option, the theater recliner is directly opposed to the TV with the couch in the rear. Now the question: would it be possible to order a Monticello with an option similar to that? We love the idea of theater seating recliners that do not swivel and are therefore easier to prepare for the road and make those TV movie nights especially enjoyable and even more comfortable as the recliner is directly opposite the TV and there is no angled viewing of the TV required.