View Full Version : Trail Runner sle 265

03-24-2018, 01:09 PM
Hi all. New to the forum and new to Heartland trailers. Picked up a new 265 but it will be a month or so before we can try it out.
Anyone with experience with the SLE models? We pulled it over 800 miles with no problems.

03-24-2018, 02:57 PM
Hi retiredguy,

Congratulations on the new Trail Runner and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

Take a look at the EVENTS tab at top of page to find an upcoming rally near you and consider joining the fun. Membership in the Owners Club is free and lets you participate in local rallies at no charge other than the site fees. You'll have a great time. Here's a link to club info (https://heartlandowners.org/club/).