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03-28-2018, 09:34 PM
Well, we picked the beast up from the RV repair facility and all the updates were done, and more. Here is a run down (I will post photos shortly)

Residential Fridge - all in and working great. the installer did some extras like using the draw front from below the old fridge to cover the opening at the top and making it removable to allow access to the top of the fridge and giving some good air movement room.

Wiring 2 Additional Outlets for the Inverter - Done and then some. He worked the wiring so that most of the outlets are now off the inverter. He said that when he got into the wiring and tracing the lines from the GFI he found that just about all the outlets were wired together so it was easier this way and gives us much more flexibility. Of course I need to remember how much I am running at anytime but should not be a problem since we may boondock 3 or 4 times a year and I have more than enough battery and converter for the fridge and watching TV.

Inverter Install - Done! After a scare from a photo he sent of the work prior to being done (the photo showed temporary wiring for the batteries that he used to make sure it was all correct) the inverter is installed as is the remote control panel and extra cutoff switch and all working great!

Backup Camera - Done! I had him install the camera that came with my 2017 Ford F350. When I went to pick up the rig, he did the swap out of the connector on the truck, I put the truck in reverse, and there it was, the back of my RV! Great job!

Heater Fix - Done! He showed me what was left of the squirrel cage and told me that he replaced the plastic ones with metal ones.

Anderson Hitch Cable Attachment - Done! I asked him to install an eye bolt near where the pin comes out from my rig so I can use a clip to hold the cable for my hitch. He went one better by installing the eye bolt and then attaching a device to the cable handle so it connects directly to the bolt but is still easily removable. Much cleaner than I imagined it could be.

I am more than happy with his work. And it was great to see someone who was excited to show me what he had done. He is takes great pride in his work and it really shows. I would recommend him to anyone. I told him about our regional rally in Pueblo, which is only 15 miles from his shop and he is contacting the regional director to let him know that he will be available to do work for folks at the rally!

Well, enough for now, All the updates to the rig will be on display at our Chapter's Shakedown in April! Can't wait to use that new fridge! Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions, ideas, cautions, and recommendations as I went on this update journey. I assure you, I appreciated it all so very much! To me, its one of the best parts of being in the Heartland Family!

03-29-2018, 12:21 AM
Wow - you had a lot done. Sounds like it all turned out great. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Pueblo.