View Full Version : Hydraulic vs electric motor slides??

02-01-2006, 09:28 AM
We noticed in the Bighorn literature that the slides are operated by hydraulics. Is this any more reliable than standard electric motor (rack & pinion) mechanisms?????

Also does each slide have its own operating switch?

Many thanks,

Bill B. (Michigan)

02-03-2006, 08:32 PM
I was hoping some one from the factory would chime in to give you the technical aspect ..From a users point of view ,and I have had both, electric and now hydraulic, I prefer the hydraulic. I get this opinion straight from my wife as she does the slides . She's 'inside ,I'm 'outside' . One switch by the door closet operates all the slides.They go in or out as each individual slide needs hydraulic pressure or fluid untill all are out (or in) . If you need to only operate one slide or more at a time there are valves at the pump in the front compartment to block out the slides you do not wish to move . The valves are well labeled and easy to get at.As an example , some times when traveling we will stop at a Flying J overnite ,and I can move the Dining slide out about 8 in so we can use the table ,thats if the parking space has the room and I'm not intruding on my neighbor . All the rest of the slides stay statioary. And we can zip it in before we go to bed.
Bill , I hope this answers your question............