View Full Version : I want to thank the forum an Heartland for a great maiden maiden camping trip this weekend

05-29-2018, 08:58 AM

As we were preparing for our first camping trip in our North Trail 21FBS, I ran into a problem, at the last minute.We had been to a rally earlier this month, but that was our first time ever in an RV park, so we had full hookups and did not use the water pump.

After filling the tank and flushing out the lines with city water, I turned on the pump and it was not working. This was the night before we were leaving on our first real camping trip in the new trailer. There was no real time to futz with it so we grabbed a 5 gal water container and prepared to head up the mountain the next day after work.

I then thought to look on the forum and I searched for posts about water pump issues. This pointed me to the water system doc, where I learned that there is a valve that sucks antifreeze into the water lines ( I had wondered how you do this ).

I did not know where the water pump was so I called the dealer who told me to call heartland - I did and not only did the very helpful guy tell me where the water pump was but confirmed that the most likely cause of my issue was the valve settings for winterizing the system. Once we got up the mountain, I looked and sure enough that was the problem. We were able to enjoy a nice long weekend in the mountains with the full capability of the trailer ( My wife Loved the shower !)

SO thank you to all who post these helpful posts and thank you to Heartland for being so helpful on the phone. It was a great weekend