View Full Version : Replace NT26 LRSS Rear Chairs?

08-19-2018, 06:11 PM
Has anyone replaced the two swivel chairs by the back door in their 26LRSS? There doesn't seem to be enough room for them and I've found that the backs of the chairs rub on the windows, damaging the vinyl. Thanks.

08-20-2018, 08:29 AM
Hi and Welcome to the Forums.

In our NT we have replaced one of the chairs with a lazy boy. When I did that since I did not want it against the back wall I placed a piece of plywood behind shaped like an L so that part was on the wall and part on the floor. I took an old piece of carpet and covered the wall side so the L piece would not damage the wall. This keeps the chair from hitting the wall and sliding back but also protects the wall.

You could do something similar with the current chairs to keep them from rubbing the wall.

Good luck with your North Trail.


08-21-2018, 04:40 PM
We have a 26LRSS and ordered it new with (non-swivel) recliners instead of the standard swivel barrel chairs for the rear. It was required to adjust the recliner positions a little bit for use and for rear reclining clearance.
The recliners did not fit when the slide-out is retracted for travel so we turned the chair near the slide-out 90 degrees. We also ordered the separate dining table and 4 chairs instead of the built-in dinette. With this set-up all the furniture (recliners, tri-fold sofa & dining table/chairs) can be moved to any location within the living area.

Since only my wife and I usually travel we have removed the sofa completely. If we have someone else stay with us we use a blow-up mattress in the living area for extra sleeping. We have moved the dinette & 2 original chairs (bought 2 additional foldup chairs) to the rear area next to the back window. This leaves the entire slide-out area for the recliners. We also recently purchased new residential swivel recliners/ottomans so they become more versatile in the living area since the original recliners are non-swivel and were minimally comfortable anyways.

So yes, different recliners can work in the rear area but will need to be adjusted for travel. You may wish to try the swivel recliners with the built-in leg lifts though. I relocated the furniture tie-downs for their new locations.