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03-10-2006, 02:16 PM

Why does it take so long to receive parts for warranty?

Worldwide ordered parts in December and the Heartland factory lost the order and World Wide had a tracking number. They re-ordered in January and WW just received them March 9th. However, the table was wrong, the daynight shade was damaged, and the same curtain was sent back along with another set in the wrong color fabric. (All that was needed, was an alteration on one of the two curtains.)

We also have trouble with the plastic holder under the slide that holds the wiring, as the slide goes out this holds the wiring in place. The trouble is this plastic piece only pivots on one end and the other end is attached solid to the frame and brakes were attached. It needs a pivot point at both ends, but World Wide didn't want to change the design. What can be done to keep this from braking? Appreciate an answer soon as we are heading home. Thanks.

Darrel and Pam Jensen

03-10-2006, 03:06 PM
Our parts guys and gals have a really good track record and have been averaging anywhere from 2.8 to 3.8 days turn around time on parts for over three months now. IF that time varies, it is because of three things: one is a lack of proper information received from the dealer; one is the need to order a part from our vendor; and the third is our people just absolutely drop the ball. I can tell you that we ship out over 150 parts orders a week and again, the average of all those parts orders is right at 3 days.

What doesn't often get reported by the dealer to the retail customer is the waiting time and phone tag it takes to ascertain just what parts a dealer is ordering when they do not provide enough information on their parts order.
For example, I had a customer on the east coast who contacted me to complain about the delay in getting their parts, stating that the dealer had placed the parts order "two weeks ago..". When I checked into it, I discovered that the parts order had come in about five working days prior, and it was too vague to decipher the proper parts to send. Thus, our parts department had attemtped numerous times via email and phone calls to dealer back to gather more information. After three more days, the dealer was able to provide the necessary information, and it was parts that we had to order from a vendor, so there was a delay there.
The dealer blamed us, and the customer believed them.

I know that doesn't help you - but I just wanted you to know that they are really doing a good job the vast majority of the time.
Of course, it is when there are problems with an order that they receive attention such as this.

I don't know why Worldwide had as many problems as they did in getting your parts. If I remember right, I can tell you when you called me on the A/C in the beginning, they had not even ordered the parts - though they had authorization, and you were under the impression that they had ordered the parts.

When an item such as a table is requested, if the dealer doesn't spell out that it is a certain style or provide a quick digital picture with it - then our parts department ships them the current table used in production. Some people have unknowingly received upgraded table designs (both dinette and coffee) and been happy with the newer model.
On the curtains, I am not sure what happened, but will send this email to Judy in Parts to find out.

As for the flex guard product by Lippert, yours is the first complaint that I have recieved on this. We have had some that have broken in the field that had to be replaced, but those were related to where the flex guards were installed or the length of them - not the overall design - because they work just as designed when installed properly. If our guys did install them improperly the first time, the dealer should have been able to install them in the proper place and to the proper length without problem.


03-10-2006, 08:35 PM
Thanks for your reply. Maybe we should ask to read the work order Worldwide sends to the factory. What a mix up, our 5th wheel has been there 3 times this winter and still not complete.

As for the wire guard holder, I hope we are talking about the same thing. The wire guard holder I'm referring to is about 5 inches wide and approx. 3 feet long. It has a pin at one end and 3 screws holding it to the frame. I showed Worldwide where this piece was breaking and suggested they could put a hinge on the end that is breaking, but they didn't want to change "the design". I hate to have Worldwide order anything because who knows what we will receive. I'm guessing they have a break down of the various components for the wire guard holder and could identify what would work. As I said before we are leaving Mesa in the first part of April. Any ideas?

Darrel and Pam