View Full Version : Ya wanna do whut??????

01-10-2009, 07:08 PM
Yeah, even the great Heartland products need a little help sometimes.

I'm in the process of putting down laminate flooring, putting in a shower that I can get into. Grab rails on the stairs...and strategically placed grab rails wherever I can find a place strong enough to hold one.

JimB gave me a couple of ideas that I'm going to implement on the grab rails. I'll be documenting that one pretty close.

01-11-2009, 05:59 PM
please do lefty along with lots of pics as I am going to need to install some kind of hand rail for my DW

03-19-2009, 08:31 AM
Some of the grab bars are finally getting installed this is the one for the stairs leading to the bedroom.


This grab bar has been installed on the wall facing the toilet. Makes it a lot easier to get up and down in a restricted space.



He is responsible for all the overhead switches.

03-21-2009, 01:23 AM

Bought this from Camping world. There is a loop added to the control knob for the dome. The bar hooks into the loop and lets you open and close the dome. And, it can also be used to make changes to the other controls on the fan, with a little practice.