View Full Version : Mt Rushmore on order

03-14-2006, 12:20 AM
We ordered a Mt Rushmore in late Jan and the dealer says is is to be built on or before 3/15. Can't wait until it arrives, we have been checking out the Landmark fifth wheels very closely for well over a year now! Looked at many others but these appear to be the best for the money and definitely an innovative company. The last four of the VIN is 2896, and if that is a running production number, then that is a lot of units. How long does it actually take on the production line, start to finish? The only item requiring additional time over a stock unit would probably be the painted graphics. Hopefully it will not sit in Indiana for very long before it's trip south to us. This forum, and the factory responses to problems and questions, was one of the primary reasons I bought a Landmark. Thanks for everyones input on the forum, Clark Thompson