View Full Version : TV Antenna on NT 5th wheel

02-06-2009, 11:00 AM
I wanted to install a high volume fan in the vent over the bed in my NT 26RK 5th wheel (only has 2 vents, other is in commode room). I purchased a Turbo Maxx fan but when I got on the roof I saw that the TV antenna was to close to the vent to install the fan. I returned the fan to Camping World and bought a Fan-Tastic Fan for them to install along with a vent cover recommended by Fan-Tastic. Just got a call from Camping World the vent cover will not fit because of the TV antenna. My options are to buy a $300 fan with rain sensing or no cover.:mad:

The factory design engineers need to reposition the TV antenna so that add-on items such as vent fans with covers can be put on the trailer or add another vent in the kitchen area that can be used with a fan.

Another item that should be changed is to make the power cord quick connect. When I discovered I could not put the cord in the trailer without using a lot of force, I bought a Marinco kit ($70) & did it myself; works like a charm.:)

Hope this helps other owners when they decide to add items to their trailers.