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04-01-2006, 11:54 AM
Was wondering who manufactures the Tank monitoring system that Heartland uses? I have a 2005 Monticello and I am having some sensor problems with the grey #2 tank.

04-03-2006, 10:48 AM
The name of the company that produces nearly 90% of the tank monitoring systems in RVs is KIB.
The concept is great, but honestly, I can tell you that in my 20+ years of experience in RVing, the tank monitoring systems are good gauges - not great, defined reads on the tanks.

That being said, they can always be adjusted or worked on to make them perform they way they were designed. If you have having troubles with yours, you can always bring it back in to the dealership and have the probes looked at.


04-03-2006, 10:55 AM
Thanks Scott:
I am currently in Las Cruces NM, and the nearest dealer is in Tucson. Will continue to research the issue.

04-03-2006, 10:58 AM
Here's a link (http://www.kibenterprises.com/) to what I think is the manufacturer's (KIB Enterprises) website.


04-03-2006, 11:04 AM
Thanks Jim:
I'll take a look!

04-03-2006, 11:27 AM
I found the attached file for the KIB Monitor Panel. Not had a chance to look in detail at it but it does give several schematics. Hopes this helps all. I think I now have all the owners manuals for equip that was installed.