View Full Version : 2006 Bighorn front cap trim/seal issue

03-27-2009, 08:41 AM
Has anyone had a problem with the lower trim of the cone area separating. I have a 2006 3055RL and there is a space developing at the bend from the cone to the lower unit. I'm concerned that this may damage the exterior surface if there is some internal movement.


03-28-2009, 11:00 AM

I have a similar problem showing up on the front curb side of my Bighorn. In the curve... under the bedroom part... the trim if flexing and showing a gap.

I've already added additional screws thinking the trim is causing this to happen. The screws did improve somewhat the condition... but it's still there. I was told by my dealer it was NOT a structure issue... I took that to mean it was not the Frame that was causing the problem... I feel it's the front aluminum structure that the fiberglass holds onto... I " THINK " there is a separation going on in that corner of the aluminum frame and the RV's steel frame structure.

One thing I did also note... I needed more screws than the factory installed on the angle steel inside the front storage compartment. I seen that area start to open wider... since I have installed additional screws in the existing holes on the angle steel... along the bottom front of the compartment... those screws have held tight.

Good Luck... If I learn any more... I'll post what I find out.