View Full Version : It's Here!

05-02-2009, 08:34 AM
We just got the call; our new Grand Canyon is at the dealer's location in Grand Rapids, MI. We will have our PDI and closing on Thursday. How exciting! We have looked at every single picture of a Grand Canyon that exists on the internet. ;) Can't wait to look at our own! Praying for good weather. We won't take possession on a rainy day. We want to get a good look inside and out, and have our PDI worksheet ready.
So far we have had an excellent experience with the dealership and we hope that continues through the upcoming closing/possession and initial shake-down. This isn't our first rodeo, so we know there may be bumps, but we have very high expectations.

Ray LeTourneau
05-02-2009, 09:55 AM
Hooray! Congratulations and Welcome to the Heartland Forum & Family. Now go pick up that GC. Go over every detail at the dealer PDI. Git er home and loaded up for the shakedown cruise. Travel Safe!