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04-27-2006, 09:03 PM
I'm new to the world of 5th wheels and still looking for "that" trailer. While looking at the Heartland site, I saw the new Sundance 5th wheels. It said they are 1/2 ton towable, but the weights don't look like it would work.
I have an 04 Chevy 2500LD 6.0 gas 3.73 axle GVW 8600/GCW 14,000.
My truck weighs 6450 w/ me, gas, toolbox(200lb), I figure close to 6900 with wife and kids and "stuff". That should give me around 1700lb for pin weight and 7100 for trailer. But in reading the spec for Sundance has:
2500RS 6948 dry
1296 pin
2700RL 7471 dry
1624 pin
2900RK 7333 dry
1549 pin

These are the nes I'm interested in. But, The only I could actually pull would be the 2500RS, correct? Or am I missing something...... like I said, I'm new at this and don't want to make the mistakes I've read about on other forums.
Are they really 1/2 ton towable? The GVWR sound to high for a 1500/150 TV. Can someone explain how they come up with this figure?


04-29-2006, 07:24 PM
Even with the lightest Sundance 5'er your at your max GCWR by the time you add hitch to truck and that's with the 5'er empty. So buy the time your ready to run down the road loaded with all your camping gear you'll definitely be over. Also you'll probably be over on your pin weight also once the 5'ers loaded to travel.:(


04-30-2006, 08:13 PM
I e-mailed Heartland about their weights compared to other manufacturers before we ordered our sundance and the engineer that wrote back told me they came up with these weights while the units were still on the drawing boards and they figured high so someone wouldn't order one and then not be able to tow it.
as it turned out the 3200 rbh that we ordered was listed at around 9700 lbs.(I think) but he told me the actual production weight is around 8400 or so.
Try to e-mail them (right from the heartland sight ) and they will give you a correct weight for the unit you are looking at.


04-30-2006, 08:43 PM

Thanks! Its intresting in a world where all the "published" weights are low, for the to be high.... which is good.


05-01-2006, 10:23 AM
Be carefull of what Heartland tells you about the weight of their units. Just recently weighed our 3055 at a CAT scale and it weighs 700lbs more that the tag in the kitchen cabinet says it should. I weight the trailer COMPLETELY EMPTY. No water, no nothing except what came with it. We didn't order it with ANY additional opitions that could have added weight over and above what the tag on the trailer says it should weigh. Buyer beware.:eek: