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What is the Heartland Owners Club

The Heartland Owners Club is a fee-based, opt-in membership club. It exists for the benefit of its members. Club membership is for Heartland product owners. There are dues and benefits. The club is run by Heartland RVs and covers North America. There club is divided into Regions and Chapters. There are Chapter Leaders, Regional Directors and a Club President. The club could be best described as a social club of Heartland product owners. The members meet online and meet in person at rallies all over North America.

What are the benefits of joining the Heartland Owners Club

Club Benefits include:

  • Exclusive window for early registration to annual North American Heartland Owners Rally
  • 10% Discount on parts ordered direct from HEARTLAND
  • Other benefits may be added over time
If you have a question about Club benefits, please click here to send the club your question.

What are the dues for the Heartland Owners Club?

  • There are no dues to join the club or maintain your membership.

How do I join the Heartland Owners Club

There is a Club Application Form that needs to be completed. This is done online. Click here to go directly to the Application Form.

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