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  • jbeletti

    Welcome to the Heartland Owners Club Organization page

    Below is a organizational chart of club leadership and a brief description of each role.

    Club President, a Heartland employee, steers the club and is a resource to club leadership.

    Club Manager, a Heartland employee, reports to the Club President, manages day-to-day membership matters and assists the Club President. The Club Manager is also a resource to the Regional Directors, Chapter Leaders and Club Members.

    Newsletter Editor, a volunteer position, is responsible for publishing the quarterly Heartland Highlights Club Newsletter. This includes overall layout and content determination, as well as formatting and editing of submitted content.

    Regional Director, a volunteer position, is a resource to and is responsible for the Chapter Leaders in their region. There are presently 5 Regional Directors.

    Chapter Leader
    , a volunteer position, is responsible for day to day running of the chapter. Chapter Leaders have direct contact with Club Members.
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