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    Q: I tried to pay for my renewal (or my full membership), but it just seemed to go into la-la land (I got kicked back to the application page) and/or I received another email saying my membership was going to expire. I don’t know if my payment took or not.
    A: If you did not get a pop-up screen and an email saying that your credit card was charged, IT WAS NOT and your renewal (or your full membership) was not processed. This is typically a browser issue. Explorer in particular does not always work with the payment security features. Using Firefox or Chrome should allow you to make your payment. Trying again using the same browser does not usually help. If using another browser is not an option, call or email the Club Manager.

    Q: I had a problem with the membership payments and was told it was a “browser issue” because I was using Explorer. Am I going to have the same problem when I register for the North American Rally?
    A: No, registration for the North American Rally and the Heartland Owners Club membership operate under two completely different software systems. Problems with the North American Rally system usually are email related and are the result of internet provider restrictions preventing the rally emails from loading into your mailboxes. In the past there have been problems with AOL and Wildblue as well as some smaller providers.
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