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    Hensley TS3 Trailer Saver Hitch

    We are selling our Hensley Trailer Saver Hitch You will get the hitch, cover, 2" spacer ( already installed on the hitch ), handle extension, release, emergency repair kit. Make an offer We also have a FORD adapter for sale Please NOTE: I can not transport the hitch since I no longer have...
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    2016 BigHorn 3750FL Full Body Paint (SOLD)

    Hello, Deb and I are selling our 5th wheel since due to a medical condition I no longer feel comfortable pulling our rig. We are selling our 2016 Heartland Bighorn 3750FL for less than $50k... I am not going to put an exact price since that may change. In other words, contact us with an...
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    Show us your first RV . . .

    This is our first RV that we had right before we picked it up. It was still in the bays shop getting the upgrades put in it. It was a 2009 Heartland Landmark Augusta.
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    Igloo roto-molded cooler at Costco

    You may want to look at these. They are pretty much identical to the Yeti coolers. The 65 Quart is $199.99 with free shipping.
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    Paper Friction Gasket

    I replaced both of my strainers with these . They are easier to install, you can tighten them with a standard pair of 12" channel locks and just use a little plumbers puddy to seal. Also they are all metal, not plastic.
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    Trailer Saver TS3

    Yes they do. It is called a Super Slide and is referred to in page 24 of the owners manual located here You will have to call Hensley at 1-800-410-6580 to get it. I could not find a video on you tube, sorry.
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    I don't have a shortbed p/u. If you have a TS3 then call Hensley and ask for a Simple Slide for it. It allows you to manually release the TS3 to move the hitch rearward. Otherwise the TS3 will mount in Standard rails in the bed of your truck.
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    Grounding the rig

    When I was i kid visiting my Uncle's farm in Southern MO we stayed in a travel trailer. The old trailer was on blocks, had the metal siding that many had back then. During one particularly nasty storm when the lightning was striking close and we could see a few tree tops blowing in the valley...
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    HOC Coastal Bend Winter Texans Get Togethers

    Bob, Deb and I will be going to Moondog Seaside and Bakery Cafe Alan
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all from Deb & Alan, Heartland owners and Full timers since '08 now in Rockport TX
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    Which is which?

    If the first time the furnace tried to come on it does not light after three times it will lock out and you will have to reset the thermostat by turning it off, waiting about 15 sec and turning back on. I hope this helps.
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    Satellite Television - What do you use?

    We use DISH when we have it activated. We use park cable when available and let the DISH get shut off to save money. We have the roof mounted antenna for DISH and the "Pay as you go" plan, so you can pay and turn the service on for a month then keep paying till you no longer need it. They do not...
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    Not a Heartland, but man what a floor plan.

    I think you are correct to a point Dan. It would be 5' 6" less the mattress thickness above the bed, not the entire bedroom. The BH 3750 FL has pass through storage under the rear bedroom and storage under the bed. So not not much difference above the bed. The concept is nice, but for Full...
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    Best Route Around St. Louis1

    Take 44 N to exit 276 I-270 N toward Chicago Take I 270 N to exit 12 I-64E toward St. Louis I-55 joins I-64 downtown you will not need to exit again until you are out of the metropolitan area. here is a link to the proposed route
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    Strange Thing Happened

    Here is a link to the components. I do not have the system though I wish I did. SeeLevel parts SeeLevel install ( New Installs ) replacing a system would be easier. Hope this helps Alan