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    Simple Green on roof?

    Thanks for all the response---I did contact the tech support to find out if the product had any petroleum. This is what I heard from Jason Park, tech coordinator: If you are using simple Green All Purpose---it is safe on rubber roofs as it does not contain any petroleum. He recommend a solution...
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    Replacement Lugnuts

    Another resource for you may be Fastinall.
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    Simple Green on roof?

    Hi Everyone, I have a few stains on my roof---I washed with Dawn (as I usually do), however it would not touch the stains. I then tried a small area with Simple Green and it removed the stains with ease. The questions I have is simple green safe on most of my roof (area that has stains) ? I...
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    LED Light on the hot water rocker switch

    Are you talking about the switch that is on the water heater or the one in the RV?
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    Full timer to Anytimer

    Hi Everyone, After 10+ years as a fulltimer, we decided to find a house and become an Anytimer. I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who has helped us over the years. We will probably downsize the Bighorn to a fifth wheel in the 30' range. Again, thanks. stay safe, al
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    air ride pin box

    Do you mean a trail air or a mor ryde? or something else?
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    Is it possible that your delamination came from the glue drying out?? Not sure if you store the Rv or go to AZ in the winter, but sometimes the dry winter heat can dry out the interior glue and the result will be delamination. al
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    Full time rv insureance ?

    Yes, Progressive here .
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    fifth wheel wiring advice

    You can search the internet (7 wire connections) and it will give you a diagram on how to proceed---I had to do this and used the internet. al
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    Charging battery

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about a small generator (2000W) and have a few questions. Can I hook that up directly to the RV, knowing I may not be able to power much, but really want to just keep the batteries charged? would I be further ahead to just get a small battery charger and only charge...
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    Water leak

    IF you think it may be the tank??? mine actually chaffed through where the "L" bracket held it. I would not notice it until the tank was almost filled and then the drip would start. I contacted HL who sold me a new tank and installed it myself with a "cushion" where it is supported by the "L"...
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    Replace corrugated chassis skin

    I have had the front off a few times to work on tanks, but not the rear section. Taking the front off and putting it back on took a few hours. I found it best to be on my back and use legs and arms to get it installed with minimal bulging. al currently in MT
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    Converter tripping

    Thanks, I now have a few places to check--I had checked the wires on the converter breaker, but not the main breaker so will check that. I also had considered a weak breaker so not will also check that--really appreciate the suggestions al
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    Converter tripping

    Hello, I need a few suggestions and thought this is the best place to get them. Converter. When we move and hook up to a 30 amp all is fine. when we move and hook up to a 50 amp the converter breaker in the Rv will trip--when I reset it all is fine. I have narrowed it down to only when we move...
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    Bighorn tire replacement

    I have tried the GY and had a few issues with them--went to Sailun and have had no issues. al currently in AZ