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    VIDEO - How to change the order of posts in a thread

    I’ve always preferred“hybrid” mode. It doesn’t make sense that it defaults to have you start reading at the most recent post. I’d rather read the question before reading the answer, so to speak. It should start at the beginning like reading an article, or anything else for that matter. Just my...
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    Both slides should have canopies & a ladder should be on the back of an m28

    We own a 2015 Mallard M28 and I agree that there should be a slide cover over the dinette and couch (driver's side) slide. But there is not room to have one above the kitchen slide and also have an awning. The awning serves as a slide cover for the kitchen slide. Even when I'm at a camp site...
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    Hensley hitch

    This post is exactly right. We tow a 2015 Heartland Mallard M28 with a Jeep Grand Cherokee HEMI. We went through the first year or so with our EZ Lift 1000 system doing fairly short trips around where we live. But last fall we were returning from a 100 mile trip and a storm system had brought in...
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    Improved lavatory faucet for M26

    Well, isn't that nifty! Thanks for the reply and the post. I will be making this change in the near future! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Improved lavatory faucet for M26

    Very nice! This is something we need to change on our 2015 M28. It's pretty ridiculous to have your hand flat against the back of the sink just to get it wet due to the shallow overhang of the factory faucet. Did you connect the LEDs to power in both sinks? If so, would you mind sharing a little...
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    Mallard m28

    On our 2015 M28 we have to remove an access panel inside the driver's side storage door. The valves are on the back side of the water heater. It's easy once you remove the access panel, but it's a tight fit to get in there to see what you're doing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ATF: Mallard - Problem with outdoor kitchen circuit

    It turns out the "C" breaker is the GFCI and not the "E" breaker. They are both 15 amp circuits. I went into each outlet box in the circuit checking the wiring and did find a couple with questionable connections. After doing this the circuit is now working. I had never seen the insides of the RV...
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    ATF: Mallard - Problem with outdoor kitchen circuit

    It's not just that I think that circuit feeds the GFCI. The Heartland schematic and layout of the circuits I received from the factory due to this post says it does. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    ATF: Mallard - Problem with outdoor kitchen circuit

    Actually, after checking some things with my multi meter, the 110v power is not arriving to the GFCI outlet. The power is going through the 15 amp breaker, so that is not the problem. It looks like I'm down to finding a loose wire or something of the sort between the 15 amp breaker and the...
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    ATF: Mallard - Problem with outdoor kitchen circuit

    I got a nice reply from Heartland showing the schematic for our unit and also detailing all our circuits. I'll start with replacing the GFCI in the bathroom and see if that is the issue. I'll post an update when I have it resolved. I appreciate all the replies and advice. Sent from my iPad...
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    ATF: Mallard - Problem with outdoor kitchen circuit

    We are having issues with the 110v power to our outdoor kitchen circuit on our 2015 Mallard M28. The outdoor kitchen 110v outlets, bathroom 110v outlets, and kitchen island 110v outlets are all on this circuit - I assume. The GFCI outlet is in our bathroom next to the sink and we cannot get this...
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    Mallard M28 Mods

    I'm not sure about the voltage on computer fans. - - - Updated - - - They do rotate. The connection between the base and the fan is a ball joint, so it will tilt and turn to position the air flow.
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    Mallard M28 Mods

    We are doing more to our camper all the time to "make it ours". One thing that bothered us from the start is how the bed is seemingly pushed up into a cave with the way the cabinets are on the sides and top. The air doesn't circulate where our heads lie down and we are used to a ceiling fan...
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    looking at the Mallard M28

    Hello gapeachy24, we have a 2015 Mallard M28 and we love it. It's my understanding this was the first year or two of the Mallard built by Heartland and you will notice some significant changes between ours and the new 2016 units. It's basically identical to the North Trail, only branded as a...
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    Mounting Television with Rotating Cabinet

    Hello, gwallington. We have a 2015 Mallard M28 and I think we have the same TV cabinet. The center section of the backer board has a vertical piece of solid wood that you can mount the TV to. We bought a 42" LED tv and mounted the bracket to the swivel cabinet with wood screws. I don't remember...