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    Anyone using Wind Power?

    I use wind power for my RV, a wind turbine that converts wind power into electricity by using the aerodynamic force created by the blades. When the wind blows through the blades, the air pressure on one side drops. I think RV wind turbines are a cheap and green option.
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    Generator Connection

    It's easy to make your own extension cord as you only need a few electrical parts such as a plug, service cord and screwdriver. Simply plug the cable ends into the socket and you're done. You need to apply 4 steps: 1: Prepare the socket and cable 2: Wire the socket 3: Fix the socket 4: Connect...
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    Surge Protector

    My biggest fear is that lightning will strike my power lines and cause a power surge. This situation would be the end of my sensitive equipment like air conditioner, microwave, and computer. I want to protect my device from power issues, so I'm learning about RV surge protectors. Hughes...
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    Need educating on 6 volt batteries

    The Mighty Max ML200-6 is another great 6V caravan battery pack. What I like the most is the affordable price. Day because I can buy more units to enjoy considerable electric capacity when I boom. I don't have to worry about pressure issues as the device is a valve gated design. The internal...
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    Replacement for Atwood Model 100867

    Installing it in my RV offers me peace of mind. These gadgets are very beneficial for detecting the presence of poisonous and flammable gases in my leisure vehicle. I'm the use of a Propane Gas Alarm, and I'm pretty pleased, this RV 20 Series Safe T Alert is a appropriate alternative because it...
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    new suburban 3 burner cooktop and oven combo, burners appear normal flame but never boil a quart size pan of water

    Wedgewood makes use of 3 burners to prepare dinner with more than one food simultaneously. I assume 3 burners is sufficient to make a whole dinner for an own circle of relatives of 3-4. I just like the open burner layout as it chefs rapidly and evenly. On the alternative hand, the capacity to...
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    Thoughts on Awning Patios/Rooms

    The Dometic Veranda Room is a good deal. You can order the 4-foot starter kit and then order additional panels to expand it to the size of your RV. Surprisingly, despite being the cheapest option, it's a lot easier to set up and take down than the other rooms mentioned above. Its fabric shade is...
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    Cleaning off electric awning

    I was also very annoyed about the dirt on the awning of my motorhome. A friend recommended ways to clean the awning, which I did and found quite effective. That's clean with Magic Eraser. Simply dip the mop in a bucket of water and wring to remove excess water. and start cleaning the underside...
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    Favorite Cookware brand?

    I'm a traveler, most of all I'm passionate about cooking and I love to cook for my family. I also searched for kitchen utensils that fit my culinary needs. I want them to be easy to use and quick and easy to clean. And I love nonstick products. I researched and used the ROCKURWOK cookware set...
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    High Pointe Microwave -

    I think you should submit it to the warranty and see where the fault is so that it can be fixed in time. I also had to replace my microwave after 3 years of use, I just bought a new one last month and it makes me very happy. RecPro RPM-1-BLK RV Microwave. This microwave is my favorite, with...
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    Awning replacement

    I also use ShadePro awning fabric. I love it because it really replaces my old awning fabric and provides some much-needed protection from the elements. This Shade Pro’s vinyl fabric awning might be just what you need. As the name suggests, it literally replaces your shabby old awning fabric and...