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    Using the RV Generator to power your home

    NOT your theory, but the OPs theory about setting up his residence to use the rv generator for power in an outage..... and i dont mean its a pipe dream, but only a theory at this time.... its workable, but in my opinion its probably not feasable to go thru the trouble of setting it all up, and...
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    Using the RV Generator to power your home

    your theory is good, but most likely not worth the time.... especially the 50amp circuit, as its a very rare that you will find a generator that can produce 50amps of power until you either special order the generator or step up to the very high end luxury coaches.... the time, trouble and...
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    any ideas for a better shower head?

    thank you.... im aware that several manufactures make shower heads for rv's, but im looking for a shower head that has been PROVEN to be a good model by people who use it... in not concerned with the brand of it, but only with the performance of it... im not really into buying several different...
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    any ideas for a better shower head?

    im looking for suggestions for a shower head that will give a wider spray of water. the one that i have now sprays about a 2inch pattern at 24inches from the shower head, and I would prefer to have one that has about a 5inch spray pattern.... due to heartlands use of the plastic fittings in...
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    Generator Installation

    you would be correct.. as i stated, OLDER ones... but still low hour and very usable.
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    Generator Installation

    im not sure what part of the country your in, but all you have to do is search craigslist, offerup and FB market place... they can be found. im not saying the prices cap out at 1500, but if one is on a budget and has the patience to search, they are there for sale.... which is where I get the...
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    Generator Installation

    ive installed a lot of gensets and the problem you're going to have with a portable generator is the cooling of it... and onan has a large fan that sucks air in from below, pushes it thru the engine housing and vents it back out the bottom... you dont have this cooling option on a...
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    PLEASE help.. black water tank smell.. long story..

    i took the shop vac up on the roof and blew down the vent lines to check for a breach... i had my son on the roof with the shop vac, blowing down the vents while i was inside sniffing and listening for any change... I swore it was sewer gas smell and likely a failed vent tube, but there was...
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    Wire generator to converter

    Get a quality ATS... progressive dynamics make good chargers, but their transfer switches are junk... paying a high price for something doesnt mean its quality, but it can sometimes mean that the company building them needs to cover their liability for replacements in their initial price...
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    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    Is someone trying to promote a product here?.. there is a much easier and much cheaper solution, which is to get a NON marine rated Automatic Transfer Switch and install it.. no dials, no manual switching, no worries.. average cost is about $175, and about an hour of install time... which...
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    Wire generator to converter

    Yes.. as long as its big enough to handle the amperage for the length of run... one thought is to install a plug-in on the outer end of the romex so it can simply be plugged into the genset, rather than hardwiring it.. which then the genset could still be easily portable, if you desired...
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    Black tank chemicals

    Depends on the chemical.... i use borax, and for the best results i find its best to let the chemical do its thing at a relaxed pace, rather than asking it to solve the problem NOW, when you decide not to put up with the smell any longer.... My tanks are ALWAYS charged, even in the off...
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    Battery charging while towing

    There is no worry about overcharging... but very likely to not be charging as much as you think it is... After a full understanding of what allows and causes a battery to uptake a charge, and wire runs vs amperage drop, and the percentage of voltage loss thru the wire, it quickly becomes...
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    Replacement led strip lights

    Ebay has striplights at fair prices.. make sure you get the waterproof ones... and you can buy pigtails so the strips can be cut and used at whatever length you want them...