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    2 Bighorns and a Landmark at Elkhart Campground

    You know we will Jay and Stella. Looking forward to seeing you again. Travel safe. Bring some throwed rolls. Stella has to take a tote bag to dinner in Sikeston!!
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    2 Bighorns and a Landmark at Elkhart Campground

    Gene and Joseph, happy to see you made it back from MorRyde (a few dollars lighter but a lot more peace of mind) safely. We had mobile service yesterday from Tom Bumpus of Elkhart Sales and Service, Inc. He does quality work at a per hour rate much better than some service centers. We had Tom...
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    Leak under frig but not the ice maker! Maybe.

    Pinhole in water line accessed through bottom access door outside. Just happened to us for second time about a week and a half ago. Every time we get water in the drawer under the fridge, we start looking at the water line. J.D. cut out the hole section, joined line back together with a...
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    Hello from Germany Welcome to the forum. The Elkhart Campground is where many Heartland Owners stay when they come to the factory. The owners are friendly and accommodating. Best wishes for your plans to purchase a Heartland product. C.J.
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    ATF: Landmark -

    We have dual pane windows. There is no draft that moves a tissue or the curtain. We also have a insulatec foil piece covering the window and shade is always down. Of course, northerly winds make the situation seem worse. Thanks for all the responses. This has been a concern because the pillows...
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    ATF: Landmark -

    We have excessive cold air entering the slide windows at the head of the bed. The air is radiating strongly from the bottom of the window. We have to stuff blankets under the window to diminish some of the air radiation. Question: Why are the three bedroom windows not surrounded with wood trim...
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    What are your favorite SMART PHONE apps? (iPhone, Droid etc.)

    The Weather Channel, UPS, USPS, itranslate and Spanish LE, iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Stanza, DirecTV, Spy Cams, Walgreens, IMDb, AroundMe, GPS Lite, iHandy Level, Ruler, Holy Bible, ASL Signs, Passport America, ISpeed, Interstate Diesel, Paw Card (track my cat's information), iTriage, MurphyUSA...
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    Snow How much did you get

    Great picture, Bobcat. Be careful on the steps when you take the dog for a walk!!
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    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: TX, Mission - 2/9/2011 to 2/9/2011

    Just talked to Kathy. J.D. and I plan to attend the meet-n-greet. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    Packing before moving

    Re: Packing beforer moving I use the non-slip shelf liner under everything and have had no problems with items being left on counter tops. Wrap the microwave dish and place in sofa drawer or somewhere that it can't slide around. My husband also uses a product called Quake Secure...
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    Winter Campgrounds w/ Good Flyfishing?

    Lazy L & L Campground, New Braunfels, TX on the Guadalupe River. Excellent for fly fishing! Those guys are out there every day!! Trout are also periodically stocked in the river. Monthly rate here is a flat rate (no extra for electricity). Many open slots. Our LM and a BH are two HL...
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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/15/2011 to 6/19/2011

    Re: Early Rising Coffee Drinking Couple Wanted J.D. and I can help Bill and Ornell with the coffee chores. Have to get up early to feed the cat, might as well go make coffee.
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    Another Blowout story

    Sorry to hear you have had another blowout, Jim. Glad you and Sheila are safe. Be sure to call Goodyear, get a claim number and arrange to have the tire sent to them. Looks very similiar to our blowout situation. Our GYs were the same age as yours. Really makes us wonder now, what was the...
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    New Moderator - Alan Brown (2010augusta) - 2010-November

    Alan, you have contributed a lot of great information to the forum. You will be a good moderator. Thanks for stepping up.
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    Kudos for Tyron Wheel Bands

    ExploreUSA, Sequin, TX Ray and Lin, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at TJ's Burgers in New Braunfels while waiting for the rig to be repaired. Glad you made a safe trip to Corpus Christi. Great bunch of folks at ExploreUSA and a lot of HL's on their lot. Looked like they were carrying almost...