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    Black Water Tank Problem!

    After the straps broke the tank fell a few inches, right now there is not much holding it in place. My guess off hand is that after the straps broke; then the air vent broke loose. The tank is not broken with jagged edges, it just looked that way. I am thinking if I can remove the tank, I...
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    Black Water Tank Problem!

    Good idea, I plan on doing that, I just saw the problem today but am certain they did not even look at the problem let alone fix it. I still have the paper work from their service.
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    Black Water Tank Problem!

    I was having a problem with a leak when back flushing the black water tank in 2013 and took it to La Mesa RV in Davis where I purchased it. I took it in on 9/18/2013 and they had it for a few months. I was also in the process of moving and when picking it up I checked the other repairs but not...
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    Windows that don't leak cold air...

    Interesting point TravelTiger. Water conducts heat 25 times faster than air so I would imagine that humid air would feel worse than a drier air.
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    Need experiences - DRW vs SRW, Long vs Short bed

    A couple things I don't like about DRW but then I also tow a trailer with GVWR under 15K. I don't like their performance in the snow and getting mud out of the inner rim can be a pain at times leaving the wheels out of balance. Now this is not considering the advantage mentioned above. On the...
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    How many hours of drive time until you take a rest stop?

    Every 3 to 4 hours or sooner if needed. I don't mind driving all night just stopping for fuel but it depends on how far we have to travel and where we're headed.
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    F350 bed height and Gateway 3200

    The only thing I am disappointed with so far are the locations of the heat registers. The movable island will break them if not careful. I have replaced them with metal ones that look nicer from Home Depot. We are extremely pleased with the GW 3200. For our needs, I don't think we have...
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    Need some hitch opinions

    I have the 25K Reese Elite, it is very good but the B and W Companion is well liked by many and it is a lot less money, just never had one to make the recommendation. Both will fit the Ford factory mounted rail system.
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    F350 bed height and Gateway 3200

    I have my Reese Elite hitch set to the lowest position to keep the FW more level. The bed rails are not going to be an issue, they are standard height. What you want to see ideally, is a level FW when connected the hitch. I plan to install Independent Suspension on the 3200, that will raise...
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    F350 bed height and Gateway 3200

    I tow the GW 3200 with a 2013 F350 SRW SB. The FW sits a little high in the front but not bad and no problems. I tried to upload a picture but a no go.
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    Scared and happy

    +1 with what Bill Knight said. If you stop and take a look for yourself before you get too close to things, whether there is a good spotter or not, it simplifies the job a tremendous amount. On my first outing with a FW, two trees teamed up on me and a branch caught the roofing. A year...
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    new TST system

    I have the same system with no repeater and it works great. I've even received all the tire sensors when parked about 200 feet away from the FW. A potential problem with the flow through sensors: If the sensor for some reason breaks off, one of mine did and don't know why. The part that...
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    Wanted; New User Friendly Wall Mount

    When I had the Prowler, the TV mount was terrible. I could not remove the TV or get behind it to connect the Blu-Ray player. I replaced it with one from Sam's Club. Huge improvement.
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    rear ladder bent and broke on 2013 2950RK

    I tightened the 4 standoffs and they hold my 240 lbs well enough for me to fell confident. So far the end caps are staying tight. I am going to look for a way to bond the screws in the standoffs to the FW somehow, that may be the trick for the long run.
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    Tire Pressure

    I don't know the best answer but it was about 75 when I aired mine up a few months ago and are still holding the pressure. It is now colder and I have not corrected them, but the pressure comes up quicker than temperature of the tire once I start pulling it; so I am leaving mine alone unless I...