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    Heartland Owners Club News - Phasing out of Region Rallies

    I lived thru the loss of my HiLo family, then my Jayco and Heartland family, and now even my Tiffin family. Corp. downsizing (just nickles and dimes to them) has killed us brand enthusiasts. Thank you JB, and all former SE USA Leaders and members. I know that I can not afford to join the...
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    Upgraded TMPS

    I guess I should have read the directions ... after 8 years (and 2 sets of TST507s) I never knew I could cycle thru the tires with the plus/minus button. Thank you.
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    Looking at purchasing a Panda washer and dryer any opinion?

    Two year old thread so no help for him, but recent poster asked here so will respond ... Just throwing in my two cents worth: early last month we had separate Splendide units installed. I chose the Splendide brand based on RV forum users - not the online sales reviews. My RV Dealer...
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    Forum logo - a work in progress

    another unaffected Firefox user here.
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    New owner from Alabama

    Roll Tide (valid thru Monday). Then its War Eagle! Lower Alabama.
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    interior light switch? [Discovered]

    Re: interior light switch? As some posters have mentioned mood lights I would next look for an overhead hidden connection point for them. Perhaps they failed and the prior owner disconnected/ removed them.
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    interior light switch? [Discovered]

    Re: interior light switch? Do you have anything electrical in that area that otherwise doesn't operate? Totally different equipment than yours but I have a similar switch that operates my ceiling fan.
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    I believe I made my first intro in this section also; I felt that if firearms were tolerated I would find a home. I'm not familiar with the P10 but own (and appreciate) a 24 year old CZ75 and a more modern P09 (plus a bolt .22LR / .22Magnum rifle). Great brand of firearms. I recently sold my...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: AL, Foley - 4/23/2021 to 4/25/2021

    I'm torn with this ... we attended the two prior jamborees (Cullman/ 2018 & Foley/ 2019) and enjoyed ourselves. Then last July we went and traded (now in another brand) - and have since sat at home because of the virus. We'll talk it over and maybe invite ourselves over (a $20 penalty is...
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    Has anyone had their HL tip over in the wind!!!????

    Living in SE USA I am baffled by the folks who think it's OK to ride out our numerous storms in a mobile home; sometimes to their detriment. I hope you made it out OK.
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    Dang Squirrels!

    Getting rid of the food source is easier than getting rid of the critters. Unless they develop an appetite for your vehicles wiring - this past July I had $400 in damages for their eating my F350 air conditioners harness.
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    Round a/c return ducts

    My former dealer (for my former Bighorn / likely has one. Long after purchase I noticed that half of my vents were "blowers" while the other half were "returns". The returns had a separate twist-locking ring inside that held a filter in place, and I was missing ONE...
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    In about 3 hours we'll be turning both it (Bighorn 3750FL) and the tow buggy over to a dealer - and driving off in a 40 foot 2010 Tiffin Phaeton. While its been good to us we want something easier to pilot in those tight spots.
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    Truck Topper

    Just off the top of my head I believe that a topper wouldn't make any noticeable difference in observed MPG; and it'd add cargo weight - which may present its own problems. Lastly, assuming it did add MPG - how many miles would you need to drive to offset its cost? Get one if you need / want...
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    Did I miss the (Alabama) Heartland invite?

    Yesterday we pulled into a small campground (Ft Rucker, AL) for a 10 day stay. The first pad contained a Big Country, the second and third pads held Landmarks. Any of y'all reading these pages? We'll be here thru the 28th, give us a howdy over on pad 19.