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    Fresh water tank and Heater exhaust point.

    I totally agree. I do not need the exhausted heat in my living space.
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    Let's play a guessing game....

    Wow! What a massive mess. I hope you didn't have to untangle & trace all those pretty wires.
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    New 27RKS owner

    Track is done.:( Took 2nd in regional softball.:( Graduation was tonight.:) The truck is packed, fueled, & ready to go in the morning.:) Now I am a happy camper:angel: Diana
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    New 27RKS owner

    Hi, from NE Ohio where it is raining & pouring. Just this week, we took possession of a new trail runner 27rks. We are parked on a seasonal lot, but the grands are keeping us to busy to camp. Hoping the sun comes out soon so we can get through this track & softball season & get into our new...