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    2022 Trail Runner 31DB Leaning While Towing

    Sounds like you need to transfer some of your cargo to the other side of the trailer...
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    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    I've been at several rallies that you attended...and Jim was at a couple of them that I can think of...
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    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    I've been wondering who is going to take over in Jim's shoes... :unsure:
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    Announcement - Retirement of Club President

    Jim... You are the best and I'm not sure there is anyone that can fill your shoes in the HOC! Good luck with your new gig and if you and Nancy ever get down to Yuma, AZ...I'll show you where to get some real Mexican food! Hope to see you someday soon!
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    In Memory of Frank Baker

    Frank was the best...
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    Dual drains on 2021 Sundance?

    Sounds like you have front and rear sewer tanks. The 'Y' connection that Dan posted about is exactly what you need. You will probably need to buy more sewer hose along with that 'Y' connection. I had a Heartland Trail Runner TT a few years back and had the same thing... I carried 40-feet of...
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    RV Industry Sales and Order Backlog

    One other big trend now that the new 'lifestyle' seems to be selling their homes and moving the whole family in to RV's, many campgrounds and RV parks are now becoming trailer parks (ie - permanent living parks)...and are no longer a campground.
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    Rv gps

    I did end up getting the larger Rand McNally 7-inch screen RV GPS Android Tablet device...and it is awesome! Does anything that any phone app will do plus more! It works just like any GPS when just travelling, but when you connect to the Wifi in your cell just can't be beat! $350...
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    RV heartland extended warranties

    Go with starting your own savings account to fund any repairs. Chances are you'll come out ahead in the long run. Don't ask me how I know this.
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    Campground availability forecast for July 2021

    Come down here to Yuma, AZ during the summer when it is hot and you'll have your choice of RV spots! And there is lots to do in the summer here... :cool:
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    General, can you leave slide out all the time?

    My slides were always out when my RV's were parked next to my house... Never had any issue whatsoever.
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    Forum logo - a work in progress

    Cool beans! :cool:
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    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    Look in Phoenix for a truck bed topper... You might have better luck there for used ones. I've been looking for one around Yuma and can't find any used ones to fit my Chevy, and can't order them new right now because of the Covid.
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    Electric only option on GC6AA-10E?

    If you haven't already... Please come join us over at the Heartland Prowler Facebook Page!
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    Bighorn - Master Toilet Clogged

    If you keep getting clogs...then you must not be doing something right! Use more water...