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    Should we get our washer and dryer separate?

    We have a Whirlpool wash and a Whirlpool dryer in our Landmark and we love them
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    Hoyt Maisack passed away today

    I am so shocked and sad in hearing this, what a loss he was a great friend and he will be missed so much, and our prayers go out to Mary and the rest of his family R.I.P. my Brother
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    Gun carry permit

    Texas took 6 weeks, but when I got to Kansas it only took 3 1/2 weeks, The reason I have both is I'm a Kansas Resident but stays in texas 6 month of the year and I have to have one in Kansas cause being a resident of Kansas the Texas one in only good for 180 days if I was a full time resident of...
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    You know you love your Heartland when....

    Amen to that statement
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IN, Shipshewana - 5/8/2014 to 5/11/2014

    What a great rally Hoyt and Mary did a great job we had a lot of fun and it was so good to see old friends and meet new ones
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    Handicap stool

    Ours came with the tall stool, we had it added to our newmar we had before we got our Landmark
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    REPLACED: Commode leaking

    Re: Commode leaking help We had this done when they fixed our leaking Commode
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    Rockport TX Winter Monthly Electric Costs

    We winter in Rockport and have for the last 4 years out park charges .15 cents a kilowatt hr we jut paid our Dec bill and we used or fireplace and it was $125.00 the highest it has been
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    I carry a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm and also a Shield 40 cal
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    In Memory of Pat Curry (wife of TX Bobcat)

    You are both in our prayers and in our thoughts
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    Propane flow issue - Unsure of what part(s) is at fault

    Re: Have a Problem. Not sure who to blame I have had this same problem ever since I have had my Landmark was told that it was the regulator but I just move the tanks around
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    Thanks for the outstanding repair!

    You are very Welcome