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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Whittington - 9/5/2019 to 9/8/2019

    Thanks for such a great time at the Il rally . We had such a great time and to see all our friends was wonderful ! Great Job Mike and Nancy !!
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    King bed

    We did the same thing with our bed . I also got a goose down cover for it nice and comfy for us .
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    What do you put in this drawer?

    I have one in my 07 Bighorn and I use it for dish soap air freshener and extra things . Junk drawer !! Mine is like a wire basket so Kenny did modified it for me I don't have a problem with things falling out . The drawer did come open while we were traveling so Kenny put a lock on the inside so...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    We are in ! You got our spot you little stinker ! LOL ! we are in 103 this year .
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IL, Chatham - 9/7/2018 to 9/9/2018

    Paul put us down will call Liz in the morning !! 9/3-9/10 They have been messing with Kenny treatment days but he can come home cause we are only an hour or so away . See you in September !!!
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    Kenny and I plan on being there !!
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    Prayers for Happykraut

    Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery !!:angel::angel:
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    Rest In Peace Rick Jagiello

    RIP Rick you will be missed ! God please wrap your arms around Blanca and help her get through this time .
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    Prayers needed for a New York Chapter Member

    Sending Hugs and Prayers to you both !!:angel::angel:
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    We Did It

    Congratulation Jay and Stella ! Enjoy it's always fun to buy a new home !! :):):)
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    Introduction - Georgia Chapter Leaders

    Congrats Paul and Sue ! The 2 of you will do a great job !:):):)
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: WI, Wisconsin Dells - 8/10/2017 to 8/13/2017

    Thanks Terry and team ! this was Kenny and I first WI rally and boy did we have fun .. Thank you again Terry !!
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    New Tow Vehicle

    Sweet !!
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    Rv gps

    I got Kenny the RV 760LM Garmin for Christmas and he loves it ! works better then the one in the truck!