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    Thousand Trails Lakewood Campground in Harlingen

    We're looking at spending a couple weeks of winter at the Thousand Trails Lakewood campground in Harlingen Tx. Has anyone been there recently? Recommendations for things to see and do? Great places to eat? Security issues? A good place to tour on a motorcycle? Thanks!

    New Hi Def Directv satellite setup...

    I use a Birdog with HD Directv Slimline dish. Your only snag may be if they provided you with a SWM LNB which requires an additional power source. Depending on the type of receiver they provided, the power may come direct from your box. Some require an external power "inserter" In either case...

    Salesman trying NOT to sell...?

    My first thought is that the salesman is pushing you toward a coach that provides him with the biggest commission.

    new member in KY

    Welcome to the group and congrats on the new camper! Lots of great memories are in your future!

    Water pump cycling

    I was able to cure that once by rotating the Anderson valve out of position then back to NORMAL. Since your problem got worse after changing the pump, recheck your connections AND the filter bowl at the pump.

    Apollo 1/2 Time Oven- Microwave

    I have some parts for the Apollo as well as a complete working unit. Send me a private message and we'll see if we can get you cooking again!

    Best way to increase fuel capacity

    I installed a 60 gallon aux tank to eliminate the need for refueling at truck stops only. We unhook at the end of the day and then head to the best deal on fuel in the area. The DW was concerned, however, that not stopping for fuel during the day would also mean not stopping for potty breaks!:cool:

    Fantastic Fan Quit Working - Vent Door Still Works OK

    Bill, Give Fantastic Vent a call Tel(810) 724-3818Toll Free: 800-521-0298. These numbers should get you directly to the factory in Michigan without having to go through Dometic. I've found them to be very generous with information! Good Luck

    I think my power converter is going bad

    Check the volts at the battery! No matter how often I clean and tighten the wires the voltage shown on the Lippert panel is always lower than what's shown on the batteries.

    My Heartland contact is MIA.

    There seems to be a lot of turnover in the RV world. I've had more than one experience with a person no longer working where I last contacted them. It also happened when a Heartland service person tried to reach their contact at Lippert on my behalf. If at first you don't get email....try the...

    Splendide Washing machine fix

    That's some very handy information right there! We've experienced the door latch failure but nothing electronic yet. I hope I can remember this when and if we do. Thank you for sharing!

    Heat strip for A/C?

    Our Cyclone has the Brisk II units. The Dometic website still touts units with heat Dometic Brisk II

    Garage a/c heat strip?

    Options change as well as system functions with different model years (and sometimes even in mid year) so your's may vary from mine but here's what I know from our '17 Cyclone. If your thermostat has a "heat strip" option the system knows there's a heat strip. The heat strip itself is rated at...

    What spare parts to carry while traveling

    In addition to what the others have said, I carry a spare water heater element.

    Inverter Question

    That is an excellent idea for testing! I'd like to add that it's very important that an extension cord of adequate size (12ga wire would be plenty for a 50' cord) as the compressor will pull around 10 amps for starting. It doesn't take much to turn on the light but too small of wire can be...