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    What is being done about Towmax Tires

    I joined the Blow Max tire club Thursday! Ironically I had told the wife I was going to replace them this winter, to be safe. Sudden explosion on I-95 about two hours into the trip. Thank goodness we were not too far from Wilson, NC and able to get some help to get back rolling. Had less...
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    Wilson, NC Excellent Tire Service. White's Tire

    After a sudden, world famous Blowmax adventure on I-95 near Wilson, NC I was forced to find a roadside tire service. After calling my Nationwide roadside rep and discovering it would be a 4 hour wait, I called a couple more places. White's Tire Service said they could be there is 20 minutes...
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    Can't rotate tires because.....

    You didn't indicate if you have a dually or not. My single rear wheel F350 had two different pressures for front and rear, but that's not an issue. Just takes a couple of minutes to get the correct pressure after rotating.
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    Directv - King Quest Users?

    Thank you.
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    Directv - King Quest Users?

    Thank you. Not familiar with the converter box you mentioned.
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    Directv - King Quest Users?

    Thank you.
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    Directv - King Quest Users?

    I am interested in getting a King Quest satellite for my RV. We are only going to use it a few days a month. Is anyone simply taking one of their receivers with them from home? I'm not interested in changing to Dish and hope to not have to pay for separate programming. IS there a distinct...
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    How many campers have you owned?

    3 in 4 years. We keep upgrading.
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    Smoke from LED lighting

    The LED shouldn't put off enough heat to cause that problem. That doesn't mean that the electrical source leading to the strip may not be the culprit. Hopefully you can isolate the issue and have it corrected for your safety.
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    We have Nationwide and are very happy with them.
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    New Member from Nova Scotia

    Welcome from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
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    CY3010 - Garage Table, you sit in the dark

    We had a Raptor previously and noticed a similar issue. I attached two sections of rope lights with a few zip ties along the sides and rear. There was an outlet conveniently located which helped. The lights went up and down with the top bed and stayed put without any problem. We eventually...
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    Howdy! New Owners here!

    Welcome from North Carolina.
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    Just switched from a S and W 380 Bodyguard to a S and W, M P Shield single stack compact 9.
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    Family Safe Thanks To Good Samaritans

    Not sure about all RV's but my last three only came with a B C rated extinguisher. That is only for flammable liquids (class B) and is safe for use on electricity (class C). These will not be effective for other materials, including tires. Everyone should invest in a decent size A B C type...