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    2018 Sundance TT from LaMesa RV, Davis, CA

    We bought a Viewfinder from LaMesa in Quartzsite January 2014. Later we had to take it to Davis and they had it three months before we got it back. Now I'm in the process of backing out of a deal since the new 5th we were buying has floor problems and may take some time to fix. Looking for...
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    Anyone buy a Elkridge 293 yet?

    I've come to the conclusion that I don't want a "lite" trailer. we had agreed to purchase a 2018 Elkridge. The deal breaker was the flex in the floor in the bath and bedroom area. Dealer was going to consult with Heartland about the flex problem. Probably meaning we wouldn't get possession...
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    Anyone buy a Elkridge 293 yet?

    I've been looking at this model and like the floorplan. 31'7" long, almost 9,000 lbs. dry and 11,000 GVWR. Seems heavy to be called a lightweight.
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    Full time and medical care

    Don't have to worry about pain relievers. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Towmax blowout 2 days ago

    A set of Sailuns were cheaper than a set of Maxxis or GY. Just put them on my Elkridge. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Elkridge 27RLSS(2011) Do any of you have this model besides me?

    How do you place your recliners when traveling?
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    Elkridge 27RLSS(2011) Do any of you have this model besides me?

    There are "D" rings on the floor for the sofa. I can order a universal strap very reasonably. A friend has a 5th wheel with a similar layout. His sofa is fixed and he puts the freestanding chairs on the sofa and secures them. Mine are too large for both to fit on the sofa. Still trying...
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    Ordering parts from Heartland

    Dena Weiss <> Here's a source to order.</>
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    Elkridge 27RLSS(2011) Do any of you have this model besides me?

    My trailer has the free standing sofa, rockers, and dinette. I'm looking for advice on how the sofa and rockers get placed and secured for travel. I've contacted Heartland but they have no idea to help me.
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    Undercarriage LED lights

    Looks cool! Can you provide info on the LED lights? Might be a nice addition to make.
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    Full time and medical care

    Lou, Thanks for the reply. We are both eligible for TCL. Making sure all Rx for meds are in place so there are no hiccups. She gets around good at this time and we should do OK. The pre planning is crucial and have all the "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed. The hardest part is deciding...
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    Full time and medical care

    We're planning to pull up stakes and go full time in our RV next year. The plan is to establish residency in South Dakota and travel the U.S. for a year or possibly longer. My wife has Parkinson's and diabetes that needs occasional medical advice and/or office visits. Just wondering how some...
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    Lock cylinder fell out of door entry while trying to lock our 2011 Cyclone

    Sounds like a retainer clip may have come loose from the back side of the cylinder. The clip or retainer is probably at the bottom of the housing. Should be a fairly easy fix. It will cost you a bit if you get a locksmith. You might take out the whole lock from the door and take it to a...
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    How Many Have Fired Their Weapon?

    After attending a CHL class, warning shots are not a good thing. Any altercation can then reflect negative back to you. Somewhat like showing your weapon to the bad guy to discourage him and then you get charged with brandishing. This just shows you how jacked up things are here in CA. Sent...
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    Insurance Totalling 2013 300C ti

    Re: 2013 CY 300C TI Comparable Models QUOTE:Unfortunately the dealer where I bought it said I would have to deal with the factory on the bed issue, I got the runaround on the blowout, and I was able to fix the rest myself. With that said, I have experienced similar issues with every trailer I...