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    Dually v.s. Single rear wheel for towing stability.

    Having towed the same 5th wheel with SRW for significant miles, then later with a DRW, there is no comparison in stability. However, I think the only reason to own a DRW is because you really need it. It cost 50% more for tires, has issues with car washes and other drive-throughs, and is...
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    I got got

    dom1nation, sorry for your troubles. Maybe because the tires are no longer used and most of the others have already been replaced, you landed in a void of information. When we bought our Cyclone in 2012, Towmax was very much at the forefront, and I had the benefit of reading numerous reports of...
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    Meet Kaylah

    ...... and maybe the patio too, after she's big enough not to squeeze through the cracks. What a beauty.
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    How to add a little bleach to the fresh water holding tank

    Pour it in the water hose near your hose bib. If you have a whole house filter, you may have to remove the element.
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    Upgraded parking pad for my Heartland Wilderness

    Yes, but as you well know in Texas, I would have to cool it or I couldn't stand to be in there 6 months out of the year.
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    Upgraded parking pad for my Heartland Wilderness

    We went with 14' eves and a 4:12 pitch. This gives me the ability to do work up on the roof in the shade.
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    Upgraded parking pad for my Heartland Wilderness

    That is about the coolest RV parking spot I have seen. Where is it located? - - - Updated - - - Probably about 16' minimum. If you want room to move around, then 18' is better. Remember that the advertised dimensions are outside. Post, beams, etc. reduce the overall space.
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    Have a solar setup in mind. Thought I'd pass it by my new Heartland family for opinions.

    Yessir it was. I think the previous owner would have done better with AGM's. I hope to never let the corrosion get that bad. Bill, you are right. That thought never crossed my mind. I was just trying to keep the factory setup as closely as possible due to cable lengths. The original six...
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    Have a solar setup in mind. Thought I'd pass it by my new Heartland family for opinions.

    Hello rsg1963. That is a pretty impressive sytem you are planning for your 5th wheel, at least on the storage and inverter side. I assume you have already planned the space required and weight involved for the 6 T-105's? I was barely able to squeeze 4 6V batteries into the Cyclone 4100 generator...
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    Diesel Aux and main tanks

    Wow! I didn't know the MDT's carried that much fuel. My range is only 900-1100 miles @ 150 gal. I rarely go over 500-600 because of the generator. I have had an RDS gravity tank in my 07 Chevy and the 65 gal Titan replacement in my 2013 F350 . Titan replacement wins hands down, but at a cost...
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    My 4200 Custom Full Body Paint Job

    Sure would like to see that custom paint job. I would really like to have an RV without all the graphics. I'm wondering why the graphics are so unanimous across all brands of RV's. Is it customer demand or is there a logistical reason for it?
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    What do y'all do with your Golf Carts?

    I fought this battle every time I took the Mule somewhere, in the Cyclone. In Big Bend NP, you can't ride it, even on the 4WD roads. They scolded me just for unloading it. I explained that I needed to in order to use the garage and patio while we were camping. Arizona and Utah are generally more...
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    Thinking of everyone in Texas

    I saw a video of a couple RV's floating down the Guadalupe River under the I-35 bridge in New Braunfels. They never said where they came from but I'm hoping they were from a dealer and not a RV park. We had more rain in a single day than we have ever had. I dumped a total of 6.3" yesterday. This...
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    Xantrex vs Magnum with Progressive

    I can only speak for Magnum for it's durability and their customer service. My ME3100 is going on 9 years old. It is a MSW, but still runs all the electronics and residential fridge very well. My current AGS-N is not compatible with the ME-RC remote and does not network, but it does function as...
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    Visit to MORryde = empty bank account (pic heavy)

    The only Con I can think of is that you can't access as much of your stuff from both sides. The two way tray slides out 60% in both directions. One of the Pros for having two trays is that many of the basement doors are not exactly lined up straight across with each other. You can see the offset...