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    2013 WA State Rally Discussion

    Hello Rod...again, we will be happy to help however we can but you need to email me at our Comcast address Regarding the Pre-Rally Survey: 1. Demographics - 78% of the responses were from WA state 2. Preferred Dates - 42% July 12-14, 28% Aug 9-11, 19% ea for July...
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    2013 WA State Rally Discussion

    Never received the PM Rod!
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    2013 WA State Rally Discussion

    Re: 2013 Rally Discussion Much to our disappointment, we are no longer active with the RV lifestyle. I would be more than willing to help you get the 2013 WA State Rally up and running. I know there are members looking forward to the event. I have Pre-Rally Survey results I can share, there...
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    Difficult Times

    Heartland Family, It is with great distress and regret that AnaLyn and I have found ourselves in a position requiring us to resign our status as Washington State Chapter Leaders. We have thoroughly enjoyed that responsibility looking forward to the many outings and get-togethers with fellow...
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    Welcome Newest HOC Wa Members

    Please join me in welcoming Rod and Kelly Ditrich of Olympia, WA to the Heartland Owners Club! They are proud owners of a new 2013 Bighorn!
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    2013 WA State Rally Discussion

    Re: 2013 Rally Discussion Thank you for that information! And...welcome to the Heartland Owners Club!
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    Camping in the Rain!

    Rockaway is north of Tillamook as is Cannon Beach with the big Haystack rock formation...both fun places! Just a quick note Bruce, WA HOC members Tom and Jan are host camping at Oceanview in Charleston, OR near North Bend...quite a bit south but one of the few parks right on the ocean. Wish we...
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    Hows Your Weather?

    Never hear that from me! :) Wish we could send you some of ours! Looks like another "wet pattern" with several weeks of steady rain. AccuWeather says 2.5 inches in the next day or so and NOAA has coastal flood warnings (something about tides).
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    Built in black water tank flush

    I tried it once, didn't seem to work and was too lazy to get behind the shower wall to replace the check valve. I prefer to use a simple backflush (Flush-King) which has always served us well with every rig we have had.
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    NEW HOC Member!

    Welcome to HOC! If you get a chance...join us here in WA for our annual rally. Happy Camping!
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    Hows Your Weather?

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    We just bought our first Heartland Bighorn

    Congratulations on your new rig! Wishing you many happy and sfe camping adventures!
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    Soon to be New Heartlander, RV'er, FT'er

    Congratulations on the new rig! No doubt you will enjoy the new Big Country as much as we enjoy ours! Be sure to check out the Heartland Owners Club and both the Pacific Region and California Chapters North, Central and South. Safe travels and happy camping!
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    Keeping the Bugs Off

    This is an accurate comment. I am an advocate of Rejex and have used it for many years on our BC, my bike, and my dads Cherokee. It is a sealer that requires a clean surface before application. From the Rejex FAQ's Will RejeX help clean my vehicle? RejeX is not a cleaner. It is important to...
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    Maintaince for slides on 2008 BC 3250TS?

    I don't think there is much maintenance with slides as long as they are working and in alignment. I check the hydraulic fluid and look for leaks, keep the rails clean and the wipes clean etc. The floor delaminating was an issue with some of the earlier models HERE is a thread that discusses a...