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    Genturi exhaust extension to clear double bedroom slide

    I did it by adding a piece of straight pipe to extend generator exhaust just past the slide then added the genturi kit to it, used suction cups to hold it up past the roof, I've only needed to use it one time, but it worked fine. Vince
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    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    If you are talking about a travler antenna, Winegard has the kit you need, I did the conversion a couple of years ago with no problems. Vince
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Is it Alabama Hills?
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    Pairing Dish remote to Summit TV

    Maybe this will help. Summit TV Remote Control Codes - My Universal Remote Tips and Codes (
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    Need help finding Anode Rod/Drain Plug and Pressure Relief Valve

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    Roof mounted dish system

    Ours is 2013 San Antonio and we went by this coax layout in the tool section, was a little nervous drilling that hole in the roof but all the cables were there.
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    Death of Direct TV

    Hey Duane, I used the stock LNB (Triple Horns) that came with the Winegard kit, my understanding is if your Trav'ler was made before 2018 the hybrid LNB won't work, so i went the DPH42 switch route and my Hopper 3 now works in my trailer which makes DW happy, she has a ton of shows recorded...
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    Death of Direct TV

    Here is another story on DIRECTV
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    Death of Direct TV

    Just converted our Winegard Travler from Direct tv (customer for 12 years) to Dish because of the poor customer service and reception issues like Keith said.
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    Michelin tires

    Discount tire just found me one in Denver and I had it in 3 days, Simple tire shows them on their website. Vince
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    Made an external storage compartment for our sewer hose

    I used a 5.5" 1/4" bolt with a wing nut
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    Made an external storage compartment for our sewer hose

    Great idea, We made one also.
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    Mopeka Propane Tank Sensors

    Love ours too, and excellent customer service to work with.
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    '13 Landmark Grey Tank 1 sagging

    Since you got the coroplast down maybe you can fill that tank with water and recreate the leak.