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    30 LB tanks on Razor?

    Our 2008 Razor came with 2 20lb tanks. I would really like to upgrade these to two 30 lb tanks. Inside the propane compartment there is a sub compartment made of sheet metal the tanks sit in. This isn't large enough for 30 lb tanks. Is this sub compartment a safety feature? If I remove it to...
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    Dead GFI On Gen power

    Thought I would give you guys an update and my solution. As I looked at the generator and the two breakers I suspected only part of the power was making inside the trailer. Before I pulled out the power center, I looked at the wiring harness coming out of the gen. I noticed the connectors were...
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    Dead GFI On Gen power

    Everything had worked fine before. Made coffee that morning on Gen power. But that evening, the outlets were dead.
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    Dead GFI On Gen power

    On the third day of our last trip, my GFI outlets in the kitchen and bath went dead on generator power. Checked breakers, fuses, and the trip on the GFI outlet. Brought the rig home and plugged it into shore power and the outlets come right up. Nothing on Generator power. Checked the breaker on...