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    305RW garage bed swap

    year is 2010, yes we have the figure 4 brackets. Thanks for the information, I will see what I can do.
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    Upgraded lower bunk!

    I am looking for the folding couches as in the above picture. If you still have them where are you located?
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    305RW garage bed swap

    Not a good picture but you can see the underside of the bottom bunk. I did some measuring and it would not work. I bought trailer used
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    305RW garage bed swap

    On our 305RW the lower bed folds up to sitting position, but we are either facing looking out the back or looking forward when sitting , We would like to swap it out for the style where if you are visiting you face each other with backs to the walls. We are going to Arizona in March to the Mesa...
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    I checked rims and there was no psi marked on them but if i remember it was stamped 3184 lbs which seemed strange to me as the axles are 7000 rated. Not sure why these companies cheap out on the most important part,, the wheels.
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    I picked the Hercules 14 ply also for my 305RW, the tire is stamped 110 psi for full capacity. The dealer only put 80 lbs of pressure in. I asked him why and he said the rims are rated for 80 psi. Now i am totally confused. Will these tires stand running at 80 lbs? I have two motorcycles loaded...
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    MORryde suspension upgrade

    I was under my 2010 305RW winterizing and was looking at the suspension. The shackle plate holes are getting wore to the point that i can see the bottom of the hole beside the bolt head. It looks like a Lippert system according to my manuals. Can i use the wet Morryde upgrade kit? The plates...
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    Tank valves

    I just purchased a 2010 305RW and am going through the winterizing process. There is only one bathroom in front. The black and gray tank valves are ahead of the axles on the left side , behind the axles and just ahead of the fuel tank door, there is a little white square door with one T handle...