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    Cracked Shower Dome

    I just removed the interior cover over the shower and found five cracks. The cracks line up with screw heads. I think the assembler over tightened the exterior screws splitting the dome. I think I should take a picture of the problem and see if Heartland will send me a replacement exterior...
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    Cracked Shower Dome

    Thanks for the information. I had given some thought to doing it the way you suggested. I suppose hail could crack the exterior dome and explain the crack, but I would expect more problems if the hail was that large. I'll probably do what you suggested to at least get me through future rains...
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    Cracked Shower Dome

    I have a 2010 NC 29RKS and I noticed a leak during a recent rain. Upon inspecting the dome on the roof this morning I found a large hairline crack from near the top of the dome running to the flange. I have no idea of how it became cracked. I had noticed a leak a year earlier and added some...
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    New = Two Trail Runners, Two North Trails, and one Big Horn 4-23-10

    New Units on the way west to dealers. Spotted near Grinnell Ia on I-80.
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    Satellite to do or no to do?

    // The link doesn't work but look in the North Country Forum for an idea that will require no holes.
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    Battery smoking hot!

    When you say you have your battery plugged into 110 constantly, do you mean that you have the trailer electrical system plugged into 30 or 50 amp service constantly? If so, then the converter could also be involved. If you are indicating that you have a trickle charger between 110 volt outlet...
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    Paradise Park, McAllen Tx

    Re: Breaking Camp - Sort of The park has a number of people from western and central Illinois areas. I hope you do get to Texas and have a great time.
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    Paradise Park, McAllen Tx

    It's time to head north after almost three months in Paradise Park, McAllen Tx. It was our first experience at living for three months in a travel trailer, in our case a North Country 29RKS LS. The North Country survived us and we survived in the North Country. Other than the shower stall...
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    Program My Direct TV Remote to Operate the Jensen AWM970 Question

    I'm began trying to program my Direct TV Remote Control to operate my Jensen system. Right now I can turn on the DTV Receiver and TV with the DTV remote. To play a DVD I have use the VIZIO remote and switch the mode to AV and then use the Jensen remote to play the dvd. When I looked at the...
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    Shower pan leak

    Agree that you should recaulk the shower enclosure inside and outside. I also caulked where the shower panels meet the shower base. Where I found the problem was the screws that hold the shower enclosure to the shower stall and base. I removed each screw from the frame, filled each hole with...
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    Maxx Fan or FanTastic Fan?

    The MaxxAir installation instructions are decent. It pays to review them before you start. Getting the fan unit installed over the existing vent requires patience, but goes fine if you get the unit centered and the hole marks in the existing vent marked correctly. I found it was necessary to...
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    Maxx Fan or FanTastic Fan?

    I decided to buy the Maxx Air 1200T with thermostat. It has a three speed fan and works as an intake and exhaust fan. On high speed it uses four amps and 1.5 on low speed. The installation is simpler than the fantastic model, but I heard nothing bad about the fantastic models. I talked to...
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    Maxx Fan or FanTastic Fan?

    I want to replace my bathroom vent fan with a premium fan that has a thermostat and variable speeds. The reason is that my travel trailer will be left in the extreme heat of south Texas and I want to have a fan that can expel some of the heat build up inside the trailer. If you have any advice...
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    Bedroom Slide Out

    I recommend making your idea a separate thread. I like your idea. I'd like it if Heartland would identify what is behind the panels and in the case of the water supply lines a sticker showing how the valves should be position for operation and winterizing.
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    Wheel chocks

    I made my wheel chocks. Google "redneck choks" and you will get several responses. If you have a 4X4 laying around and can round up a threaded rod and some nuts and washers your well on your way. Measure the closest distance between the tires and add an inch. Cut the 4X4's at 70 degree...
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    EVENT: Dealer Open House: TX, Donna * - 2/18/2010 to 02/18/2010

    Plan for two for the wife and I. Lynn and Pat
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    2011 North Country

    2011 291RKS model. Instead of siding you get laminated exterior walls. I was trying to figure out the difference between NC and Trail Runners. Looks like laminated exterior is the difference.
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    Campground or RV Park near Rockport, TX

    TEXAS Campgrounds Try this link. You can select Rockport and you should get a healthy list to consider.
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    What's that sound?

    Thanks for the info on the converter fan. Now that I think about it the sound usually emits when we have several lights on.
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    What's that sound?

    Occasionally a sound emits below the electrical panel in our NC29RKS. I have been trying to figure out what triggers it. It isn't a loud sound, but sounds like a fan running. Could someone tell me what it is?:confused:
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    Advice for the "new to RVing"----

    Excellent summary on the subject of RV ownership. In today's times the lack of personal responsibility has proliferated. An owner of an RV should know that it is his or her responsibility to maintain the RV for no other reasons than the safety of those quartered in it, the patrons in the lots...
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    IA to Texas then turn right

    Not sure of your destination in Texas and if it is pleasure trip to see sights or if you want to be a Winter Texan. Be a little more specific about your destination and you will get plenty of thoughts
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    Heartland Sued by Forest River-again

    For the record Forest River is owned by Berkshire Hathway, Warren Buffet's holding company. Competition hurts no one when it comes to getting better products at a reasonable price. I looked at hundreds of brochures from the various companies. Let's be honest, the floor plans are essentially...
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    Lighter Socket for 12 Volt Accesories

    I purchased a 12 volt mini air compressor to inflate bike tires and other items. I had to use my lighter socket in the pickup to use it. It might be a nice feature to have an exterior lighter socket near the toy lok feature or outdoor 110 receptacle to use 12 volt accesories. Since much of...
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    What to do about Condensation ?

    Parked in McAllen Tx for the winter. It has been cool and we are unable to open windows. In the mornings the interior side of the windows are heavy with moisture. We are running the furnace, but it doesn't do much to dry out the interior air. Our water use is restricted to showers each...
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    Placing NC on Blocks and Tie Down

    We are leaving the trailer there permanently. We own our own lot.
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    Placing NC on Blocks and Tie Down

    Thanks Smokey for the info, especially the idea for the skirting. My trailer is in McAllen Tx and can get some high winds and is about 70 miles inland from the Gulf. I'm paying a local firm to do the tie down. Before I do the tie down I wanted to put the weight of trailer on blocks and I am...
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    Placing NC on Blocks and Tie Down

    I will use the 29RKS LS North Country as a snowbird residence. The RV Park we are in requires that travel trailers be tied down and skirted. Before I get it tied down I would like to place the trailer on concrete blocks. The lot has an asphalt pad below where the trailer is positioned...
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    Direct TV (Satellite) With NC 22FB

    See this thread - // It is pretty simple mod to convert the cable connection to work with satellite. All you need to purchase is a male/male connector from radio shack with a small nut, less than $3. Follow these steps: Turn off the antenna power...
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    Need advice for planning a trip

    Got to agree with Jim on how big Texas is. I had to return from McAllen for the holidays. We left before 8 am and didn't reach Ardmore OK, just north of Texas until after 7 pm. I was driving 70 mph and our stops were short. Personally I think that attempting Ct to Florida and on to the...
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    Put your music on a USB flash drive

    The Jensen Entertainment System comes equipped with a USB port. I copied many of my wife's favorite albums on flash drives. A flash drive can hold several albums. The System will randomize your plays if you desire. You don't have to carry around the CD's and there is no wasted space.
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    Do You Rely on the Tank Readings?

    Our NC has two gray tanks and one black or holding tank. In the bathroom is a monitor that allows you to get the tank levels. I've found it is advisable to hold down the button to get the levels for 10 or more seconds. Often the initial level given will drop to a lower level. Initially I...
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    Fridge - Propane or Electric?

    We are in a 55+ Park in McAllen. The electric rate varies by season, it is higher when there are fewer rented lots and winter Texans present. When we return in January the rate will be around .17 cents. The propane costs less than $3.00 per pound and I don't mind taking the empty tank off. A...
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    Fridge - Propane or Electric?

    The kilowatt electric costs in the RV Park where our trailer is parked are expensive. I'm thinking of switching the fridge over to propane for operation. Is there pros and cons for doing it?
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    Fridge Question

    Thanks for the replies. Our sensor cord became detached from the slider. I'll have to figure out how it connects to the slider.
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    Fridge Question

    The Dometic fridge has a small electric wire with what appears to be a sensor. What is it for and is it to be attached to something?
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    Carrier Air-V heater strip Recall

    Any possibility that Carrier will sell off the unit to another party or are they simply discontinuing the business?
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    Bedroom Slide Out

    Not sure of the complexity of doing it, but making the 29'+ NC's with a bedroom slide out might be an attractive feature. It would provide more space of course and allow a different arrangement of the furnishings.
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    Shower Stall - Leak Source

    I finally got the shower stall to quit leaking water on the floor and under the shower. I ended up buying a tube of GE Silicon Clear caulk at Home Depot for about $7.00. It dries in an hour. Anyway I remove all screws attaching the doors to the stall. I filled each hole with caulk and...