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    Which truck?

    I just bought a 2500 with the duromax and Allison Trany. I love it!! If you are useing the truck as an everyday driver a dully isn't the way to go. From What I understand the dully dosen't get as good fuel milige as a single axle. Bill
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    Stackable Wash & Dryer

    Washer/dryer combo We have a 2007 BigHorn 3670RL with a washer/dryer combo. I do like it for most stuff, but it does have a few drawbacks. I can't put Bounce dryer sheets in it, unless I run the dryer cycle again. You have to remove the laundry ASAP, while it is still warm to cut down on the...
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    Welcome Everyone

    Judy & I would like to Welcome every body to the Minnesota Chapter. We would like any suggestons that you might have in order to make this chapter great. Please send us any suggestions or thoughts you might have. Bill & Judy
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    New Big Horn Owners

    Congrats to you all!!! You will love your Big Horn. You will also love this fourm. What a great family of people more than willing to help with any questions you have no matter how big or small. DO NOT be afread to ask questions even if you think it may sound stupid! The only stupid question is...
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    Duramax Diesel Forum

    Just bought our first diesel also. We bought a new left over 07 non dually . So far we love it. Would not go back to gas
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    Which truck?

    just went through the big change. We had a 2006 2500 with a 6.0 gasser. Just not big enough to pull the the 36ft. We had to bite the bullet, and went to a 2007 2500 Duramax with the Allison. So far we love it! The redeison for the Chevy 2007 is great, from everything I have read, the Allison is...
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    New Big Horn Owners

    Congrats!!!! We love ours! It's to bad we can only enjoy ours 6 mounths a year living in cold Minnesota where the high temp. today was 6 above zero. We are looking to change this situation. These temps. are insane!!!!!!!
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    Hi Jim, It was good to talk with you this afternoon. Great show in Minneapolis! Judy and I have talked and have decided that Minnesota has to have a Chapter. Judy and I together would like to start and head this chapter. We think this should include news letter to chapter members each month. I...
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    Chevy Duramax Info. Needed

    Ok, We did it!! We took the plunge, bit the Bullet, What ever, We picked up a 2007 Chevy Duramax 3/4 Ton Extended cab this afternoon. This will be the first Diesel I have ever owned. After living through the GM Diesels of the 80's I swore I would never own a Diesel. Oh well, I swore I would...
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    Chevy Duramax Info. Needed

    hanks for all your help. Closeing in on a deal of a left over 07 Duramax ext. Cab. Still fighting out the details. With any luck should get it wrapped up this week. I'm not real pleased with the color but the boss says it matches the trailer. If this all goes through, I will have queations. I...
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    Chevy Duramax Info. Needed

    Needing information on the 07/08 Duramax Engine. We have a 36' Big Horn and currently pulling it with a 06 3/4 ton Chevy with a 6.0, It just isn't enough to pull the trailer without straining. We are wanting to get out of this frozen state of Minnesota and head for FL. I just don't think that...
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    Minnesota in winter

    We spent the better part of Saturday at the dealership in Owatonna, MN, looking at the Landmark Augusta. The winds were blowing and temps in the 40's, the fireplace was on (no propane hooked up) and we could not feel any drafts. The fireplace took the chill off. The wife loved the kitchen...
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    RV Insurance - What are you using

    Has anybody got rates from Good Sam? They keep sending info?
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    2008 Ford F450 6.4L Twin Turbo Big Horn 3600RL

    Need some advice! I have been a Chevy owner for years but it seems that General Moter care less about R.V. owners in the past couple of years. I now own a 2006 Chevy 2500 with a 6.0 gas engine. I pull a 36' Big Horn short distance only. My Plans are to move to Flordia from Minnesota in the next...
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    Minnesota in winter

    Minnesota Winter thanks for all the info. We have a 36' now that we love wit a fireplace that we use almost everyday when it's cool outside. Judy loves her Big Horn and had a hard time leaving it last week for the winter, Thats what brought up the idea of possible upgrade so we could stay in...
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    Minnesota in winter

    thanks for all the info. Being from Missouri, I was sent here (Job Related) and have hated every bit of it. Although i have met my bride of almost 6 mounths here. Now I want to get out of here. I have set a time limit of no more than two years here. Our goal is to go south somewhere. Judy loves...
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    Poll: Overall Dealership Experience

    The Best Dealer by far in my openion is in Minnesota, They do a great job ttaking care og=f customerrrrrrs and making sure they are happy. I would rate my dealer 100+
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    Minnesota in winter

    Thinking about upgrading. We have a 36' Big horn now, We live in in 6 mounths a year but we would like to live in year round. Living in Minnesota, we feel that the Big Horn we have now is not equiped to handle the Minnesota winters, Our dealer has a new LandMark equiped with double windows. My...