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    Unable to Auto Level

    I think it was E-Trailer that had this solution for a different code than I had. Mine did not really have a code except "excessive angle" It made sense to me that recalibration might work. I did exactly as you outlined, and I achieved the coveted success light. I intentionally unleveled it and...
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    Charging camper batteries while driving down the road

    Here is my solution. First you guys that want to run residential refrigerators while running down the highway, PROBABLY need just a little more than what your 7 pin is supplying to your batteries on the average trip. Your electric brakes are powered by a combination of your 7 pin and your...
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    Exhaust Brake

    The RAM owners manual cautions against using the "exhaust brake" in slippery conditions. But I can tell you if you have not towed in the mountains with that exhaust brake you don't know what a jewel it is.
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    Hooray, I am now legal!!!!

    The only TX. CDL exempt class A is an RV exemption, some military, firefighter, and farm exemption, I cannot find where you can pull a 40-foot gooseneck float with an exempt class A.
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    Sewer smell when flushing toilet - Need fresh ideas

    I have had this problem but nowhere near as severe as you have described. I don't know how this relates to you but I don't mix chemicals. Mine is temporary and seems to involve being transported in hot weather. My cure is to drain at first hookup, flow about 5 gallons of fresh water in all tanks...
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    How to reset Norcold 1200 series refrigerator high temperature limit switch

    An interesting thing happened to me that may relate to this. We power washed our rig and got the high limit no user serviceable parts message too. Background; I have never had satisfactory service from our unit, I accepted it because I thought that the higher Texas ambient temps were the cause...
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    Anyone else having problems with RAM 3500?

    Let me re-open this thread with something you might not know yet. I have had trouble with my 2013 RAM 2500 6.7 messaging "Service Air Filter" for seemingly no reason. Old air filter or new the message sets whenever you ask for a little extra power. If you are having this problem then you need...
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    Towmax STR235/75R16 blowout - TP was checked daily

    Sorry dude, but you can lead a horse to water but............
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    To delete or not delete (DPF/EGR)

    To the OP, no-one knows engineering like the OEM, It takes a gallon of fuel to tow a large travel trailer 10 miles, I don't care what you do, there is only so much energy in 1 gallon of diesel, and there is X amount of energy required to pull the whole rig 10 miles. Your question was "is it...
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    LT's are cheaper and more plentiful. and their ratings although lower are in actuality much higher than STs. Don't believe it, go weigh a set. One is like slippers and the other like boots.
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    2nd time failure on Onan 5.5 LP

    I have a BC3650RL, and my 5.5 can run everything on my coach. Never had a problem. You have an undiscovered issue, that has nothing to do with the size of your Onan unit. 30a per leg is a lot of amps to work with. I'm thinking that you are entering the coach and inadvertently firing up...
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    Tow Vehicle- MODS

    Tow vehicle mods? I have one for your A/C that may be unexpectedly losing performance. Perhaps you find yourself sneezing while driving. You may already know this, but if you don't, this is something I found out about. I hope that I'm not repeating something already known to the group. I...
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    Battery Load and Longevity?

    Considering the battery has no manufacturing flaws, and is maintained properly at a full charge, the life of a battery is dependant on a finite number of charge cycles. Deeper discharges "exponentially" shorten battery life. For example a battery may only have 500 50% discharge/charge cycles...
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    Dually v.s. Single rear wheel for towing stability.

    I guess you told me.......LOL, but like you said whatever floats your boat. I sense your hostility, but I would not expect anything less from a member of the Dually Tribe. Interesting that my original post was crafted not to offend those that drive duallys and was directed at potential buyers of...
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    Truck Tires For 2014 2500HD Silverado
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    Dually v.s. Single rear wheel for towing stability.

    There is nothing in the RAM line SRW that would accommodate those requirements. I guess it is best said, "if you need a dually you probably know you need one." My point is that many DRW drivers do not need the DRW, but old data and myths guide their decisions. As I mentioned, the tow vehicles...
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    Dually v.s. Single rear wheel for towing stability.

    There are tribes centered around this issue. The day of the dually is rapidly disappearing because of frame and tire advancements. But folks are also buying bigger and bigger rigs, and toy haulers. My SRW has a payload rating of 4300 lbs, which is more than enough to tow the BC3650RL. The...
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    Fireplace malfunction Big Country 4010RD

    I'm glad we opted out of the fireplace on the BC3650RL, we got all kind of cabinet space as a result and one less thing to maintain.
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    Two spare or not two spare - that is the question ...

    I have read stories on this site that confirm that one tire will blowout and its tandem will blow shortly after. That's not even considering hitting road debris or something of that nature.
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    Your opinion - Camping Worlds' extended warranty

    Re: Your opinion Exactly, AND most people wind up borrowing the money in the financing of the rig. BTW, I have been behind the basement wall, and there are no mechanical ghost back there, EVERYTHING on our rigs are repairable. Dealers charge so much money to fix a rig because we are willing to...
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    As mentioned earlier your payload is the pin weight of your trailer, and all the stuff you put in your tow vehicle, including passengers. However anything you put in the passenger compartment is not necessarily pound for pound, the weight added there is split according to its position between...
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    A tale of an axle problem

    Yes Wheel Bearings!!!!!! The Neverlube is a sealed wheel bearing and cannot be lubed. The hub is different and will only accept a Neverlube bearing. If I remember correctly it is a rather large double tapered roller bearings. The EZ lube has a zerk...
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    IMHO, the rim capacity is dictated by the number of lugs. As far as tires are concerned, go to They have all the tires that will fit your make and model, choose one and go to the specs tab for the tire model. There you can see the load ratings of the different sizes. I really...
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    A tale of an axle problem

    I used to sell "lube for life" industrial bearings. "neverlube" is a spinoff of this concept. In my case the only difference between an industrial "lube for life" pillow block bearing is that there was no grease zerk with which to lube it, otherwise the bearing unit was the same down to the...
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    A tale of an axle problem

    Any major city can handle an axle problem. An industrial wheel and axle repair company in a major city can replace a spindle in an axle tube in about 20 minutes, and install a new bearing set to boot. It is unusual to need the entire axle assembly just because you have damaged the spindle. If...
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    CPAP - DC Power Powering

    I run a CPAP with a, industrial 12 volt socket. And yes that socket needs to be well wired, and run directly from the batt on a direct dedicated line. I burned up the first socket I had. The socket needs to fit tight and have a the correct size wire running to it, use a high quality wire and put...
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    Grounding the rig

    Right you are, thanks for straightening me out it is a bonding wire not a ground wire. My comment was more satirical, and was not necessarily about the "bonding wire" on toy haulers, and of course it would be fairly stupid to think that the bonding wire was a ground wire for your rig, right? I...
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    Grounding the rig

    The toy haulers might be interested in grounding their rig before pumping gasoline. But otherwise? LOL. Any discharge that can arc 20 thousand feet is going to defeat anything man can do short of a huge faraday cage. I think I will rest comfortably in my rig knowing energy management system is...
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    How Not To Wire A Vehicle

    IMHO, there is nothing wrong with a $1 J-Box, just think they could have spent $20 there and you would have to pay for $30 for it. It is completely adequate for its purpose. If you're worried about moisture, just simply go to home depot and purchase a waterproof fitting and a watertight gasketed...
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    ATF: Bighorn - Hard Freeze Damage

    We got caught with our britches down in south Texas. We had the freeze, I recorded a low of 24 inside the rig on the 2nd day, which speaks to the insulation in that it did not fall to the ambient while being exposed to sub freezing temps for 2 days. The outside low was about 21. I pressured up...
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    Have you been gutted like a deer too?

    Actually when the customer SPECIFICALLY states not to cut the belly, then that should be respected by either complying or telling the customer that is not possible. As far as cutting to gain access is concerned, this would be similar to your TV dealer cutting the right rear quarter panel to...
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    Anyone else having problems with RAM 3500?

    I have a 2017 3500 6.7 SRW, and a 2500 6.7. Since they are essentially the same I decided to relay a problem that I recently had, and perhaps help another and maybe receive some comments from someone that has had a similar experience. The scenario went like this; I performed an oil, and filter...
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    no 120v power when on batteries w/o shore power

    Please provide the brand of your 6v batts that yield 800 amp hours within 4 batteries. I need a set.
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    Solar panels

    You are on the right track. There is no better way to maintain your batts than a good solar system. A solar charger must be a quality charger, it must glean all the energy available from the panels and make use of it, by design they are "smart chargers" and will charge your batteries according...
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    Trailer Toad Wanted

    3500 model on Ebay, it is located in Arizona.
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    Ice on Propane Bottles

    You can help the situation by running off of more than one cylinder, because 2x the surface area between the gaseous and the liquid propane results in less heat being extracted from the liquid over the same period of time.
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    Ram Mega Cab

    Funny!! I suspected this exact scenario. I'm going to put the whole assembly on a set of sawhorses fit it all together. I suspect that it is a matter of a few passes with a grinder in some key locations. It's just difficult to see while the whole assembly is in the truck bed. It is always the...
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    Running Oversized Tires On My TV

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    Universal joint on my excursion.

    Drive line squeaks are bad juju. But you might try crawling under there and shaking your exhaust system. It's a good play if it turns out to be the source, if not you have not lost anything.
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    Running Oversized Tires On My TV

    Sorry so long but instead of 2 cents, I'm giving a $1's worth. I don't like tire mods. IMHO, mounting tires on the wrong rims is not an original idea. More likely than not a problem will be introduced into the system. My experience came from a fitment issue when I bought some 20 inch OEM take...