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    Is it plugged in, and is the breaker on. may have been installed but not plugged in.
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    $5.50 charge for Canadians to enter U.S

    Amen. your right on with this statement.
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    $5.50 charge for Canadians to enter U.S

    Yes it's for any form of entry into the states. They are trying to get money for the governmnet to waste more of it and to help out their economy. Global news watch says now to go from Calgary, AB. CAN to California USA is now (through a travel agent, flying) 7 different taxs anding 30 percent...
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    29 BUDS CE stories... good and bad please

    I have never had a real major problem with ours. And the issues we did have the dealer pickup on the isssue and fixed them the first yr. and some other stuff they saw. Since then I have not had to return to then for anything. That was 3 seasons ago. We love our 31QBS and will buy another...
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    North Trail 5ers....Gone!!

    looks like they are redoing a lot of models makes. Most of the sundance TT are gone and a couple different layout than the NT. They were basically identical models except the color of interiors. I would think they are trying to do things to set EACH brand apart from others,rather the just change...
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    North Trail 5ers....Gone!!

    probably moved it over and renamed them
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    Gas line pinched with slide in - FYI

    Thanks for the heads up on this issue. Both mine are in my slide. North Trail 31QBS. Never thought of it. I will now check my line also before I use again in spring. I never use propane for fridge , I always have power at CG's, as once it's cold and door is closed, if take many hours for inside...
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    Vent keeps opening up

    sounds like the teeth are not in great shape (never cut properly from factory), meaning gear is not fitting against arm properly. has this happened since new? I have had one in my old trailer worn out and would do the same with the wind blowing against it. Just a thought
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    Long term, I mean really long term!

    Well that did not work for me last winter. First winter I tried that and it attached 2 mice. They smell bad after locked in trailer for a few months and died. I won't do that again. Never had a problem before in any trailer. As long as you remove the food from trailer. and give it a good...
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    Gotta get to the furnace - it's not blowing hot air! Alaska's too cold for this!!!

    you also get a lot less daylight in winter. I was working in Tuktoyatuktuk. Yes this is a town on the edge of the Boufort sea up north. And we had 24 dark for a month or so every winter and lots of wind. so your electric bill will be high Have fun. What takes you up there for the winter?
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    Gotta get to the furnace - it's not blowing hot air! Alaska's too cold for this!!!

    It must of took you quite a few hours to write that reply with all the dots-dashesw percents and what ever else you added. It took me 3-4 mins to desiffer it all. glad you got it fixed and have heat again. Sounds like some sloppy work at the factory. Yes you will definatly have to fiquer out how...
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    roasting a turkey

    We have 2 of them and Gail uses them for turkeys, roasts etc. Can put in on and set on a table outside trailer and leave there for cooking. Can bake in them too. Easy clean up and handy to use. No heat in trailer and NO propane used. Can do a lot of different things in them. (Can even heat water...
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    little humor for pets ??

    To much beer? will we kill it or make it grow? If he don't hurry I will **** myself. Scratch my back while we wait, please. what can you add to this pic
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    little humor for pets ??

    I will try this to see if it works ?
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    How long should a new MPG last?

    My old prowler TT was a 1976. I still ownit. Now a storage unit. We camped in it for 17 yrs. and with a little TLC I could camp another bunch of yrs. I just does not have the luxury items in it. Take care of it and it will last a long LONG time
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    2009 Northtrail 32QBSS Specs/Axle

    The specs are on Heartland web site. I have a 31 QBSunit. GVWR for tt is rated for the 2 axles 3500 x 2= 7000 lbs. 6900 lbs max weight. All weights are calculated by the axles under all units. now take off the 800 lbs Hitch weight brings unit down by that much on axles, as your vehicle carry...
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    31QBS - Heating the bunkroom

    another idea would be cut a 4" hole in bottom of door. Center at floor. and stick the hose in it for night time. Can always run it from the seat outlet of dinette by washroom wall as it is a 4" outlet. Stick a metal or plastic 90 on end of hose and that will keep the hose from kinking and it...
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    SILVERADO by BIGHORN???? Can someone enlighten me?

    I still can not stop smilin about your quote, that's one I will remember for a while
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    Little Known Tidbit of Naval History

    at least they had they priorities right :) Good thing they had the ocean handy or the holding tanks would of overflowed.
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    Scissor Jacks for NT 24RBS

    Can the mount not just be drilled out to fit. or is it totally different mount?
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    Long term, I mean really long term!

    block it up level and in quite a few places, remove tires and rims and store under trailer. Put up some kind of shirting (either plywood or can buy the heavy fabric type). Make a permanent drain line for water out of pvc. Built your self a nice deck at entrance level, so your not up and down...
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    NT dinette seats already flattening, collapsing :(

    Some Other Brand
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    22FBS or 21FBS

    One of our choices included the sofa to sit on. I sit there lots. I also feel the dinnette is not a nice place to sit at for hours on end. Not that I do but. We only had 2 dinnette table in our last TT and did not like it for that reason. We would remove the big table to sit poeple in trailer...
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    NT dinette seats already flattening, collapsing :(

    the same with all NT units. I really don't know why it has not changed. mine in 09 model.
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    washer & dryer

    I have a portable 110 for our apartment. also a portable washing machine. both on wheels. Dryer is LDR 3822Pqi Type BCMP-ELE-1206012-CV12 WHIRLPOOL
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    Luxury 5th wheel ?!

    Luxury to me was going from a 1976 21Ft prowler with the very basics. And no slide. To a 31Qbs with quad bunks and everything (new) to me (first owner). North trail is a lower line then yours and the Higher Landmarks. But to me and family it was like going from night to day and sleeping 10...
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    Winter Cover

    we get a lot of snow in calgary and southern alta. I have never covered any rv I have owed. never had a problem. I always go onto roof in fall, in storage, and check for any problems. If any I would fix for winter(my old trailer). I always put my stabs down and tight for winter. helps with the...
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    14 inch wheels only load c?

    Don't know the type of trailer you have. My North trail 31QBS does not have the clearance room to go to a 15 inch. The 14 inch have no room to wiggle to a higher weight that I would like in the 15's. so I will have to live with the 14's. Make sure that there will be clearance room to go higher size.
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    Camping World in Canada?

    Thanks Brian. I'll have to head up there and check them out.
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    Camping World in Canada?

    Campers village, Canadian tire, outdoor fitters, but just camping supplies, nothing for rv's. Rv' dealers have all the other stuff. At their high prices. But in the larger areas, that have a bunch of dealers(competition) stuff is resonable. And they can order anything you want. possibly cheaper...
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    the new to us 280bh

    That must be a 2008-9 model. As I thought they discontinued that model. do you have Big toys that you haul in it.Welcome to the NT family
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    Getting confused on buying a new North Trail 21FBS

    No matter what you get in NT. they are all nice units. We are really satisfied with ours, even though we had a few issues and they were taken care of. They are good quality for the light weight trailers. Have had tons of compliments on mine. Tows wonderfully when set up properly with WDH. and...
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    Getting confused on buying a new North Trail 21FBS

    2x for contact factory and ask. they change things on the run. no real start date to anything new added. A lot of dealers do not know for sure till units show up on lots.
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    You gotta see this!!

    That's hillarious. what a bunch of dummies. Wonder who got the gun back?
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    A Letter to Dad

    that is a FANtastic letter. Thanks for the chuckle.
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    ATF: North Trail - slide out

    Our flooring was damaged also by the slide. It was the bottom trim that screwed it up. Dealer replaced flooring and also cut 3/4 inch off the full length of bottom trim and it is okay now. Tires (are your axles out of line?) I have read on the forum of axles slipping out of alignment and caused...
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    Ladies Forum

    ouch that hurt. whomever it was meant for.
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    Considering a North Trail 32 BUDS

    we have a 31QBS. we are about to finish the 4th yr camping with it. We had some issues in the first yr. Between dealer and heartland, it was handled at the end of my first yr. (I did not want to loose Campin days). over all this time nothing major has happened and we are very pleased with them...
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    31QBS - Heating the bunkroom

    Yes that is a problem with all of these models. One owner had run a duct under the floor from furance that throws heat by entrance door by door. He ran that run under floor and attached the outlet to wall of bunk, (where the little sliding door under bunk is located) I have no problems but I...
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    Old Guy's Birthday

    were you the FIRST guy??:angel: