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    Still alive and kicking

    Still alive and kicking
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    pros and cons ram 3500

    Had it on my 2018 Laramie. Worked great. Would order it again.
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    MAX Water Pressure?

    I have been to two places with 100# plus water pressure. Had to put my adjustable pressure regulator on the hose bib to keep my water hose supplying the coach from leaking. I now put it on the hose bib every time. If you don't have an adjustable regulator get one. Water leaks are not a good...
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    Question on Selling an RV

    If you price it right you will be much better off using Craig's list.
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    ZEEMAX Trailer Express Tires

    Quality tires are important safety wise. I wouldn't be the first to try out an unknown product.
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    Basement wall question

    I think this is an easy way to accomplish what you need to do.
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    New security camera install!

    Is this the camera you are using?
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    New security camera install!

    Which Blink camera are you using on the JetPack?
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    New security camera install!

    Can the blink cameras link up to a verizon hot spot (MIFI)? Or does it have to use a router?
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    Need to know how to reattach my breakaway cable

    get a coiled cord
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    Storing RV in high humidity

    Get a dehumidifier or two. Place one in the shower and let it drain into your gray tank. Place another on the counter top and let it drain into the kitchen sink. Leave the doors open on the fridge. Leave some windows and vents open.
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    Weird Potty Problem

    Install a shutoff valve. Sooner or later you are going to wish you had one. Easy install with a shark bite fitting and a piece of flexible supply hose.
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    110v fixture on 12v wiring??

    Your 12 volt lighting circuit is fused to protect the wire. If your new fixtures lamps are about the same as your OEM ones wattage wise, you are good to go.
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    Aiming Satellite SWiM dish

    Depends on your receiver. If you have the older one where the DVR can only record 2 channels at a time, an inexpenseve meter will work for signal strength. I use to get the elevation, azimuth and skew. This web site can show you a sattelit view of you site for a visual...
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    Travel Tool Kit

    30 amp fuses
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    Outdoor Speakers BH 3670

    Do to the environment these speakers are in, I would go with a quality marine speaker rather than a car speaker. They will last a lot longer.
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    Free BH screen door

    Let me know when you are out and about. I can set it out at the gate.
  18. Gaffer

    Free BH screen door

    My 2015 Bighorn door was replaced under warranty. I kept the screen door that was attached to the old door. Free to whoever wants it. Bend, Oregon. Also have a free bottom hoop for the ladder if yours is damaged.
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    It is too early to assume that anything will be open here in Central Oregon in June. Make your travel plans with caution: Central Oregon should hit its peak number of people infected withCOVID-19 in June, basedupon current estimates, not this week like some hot spots in the United Statesthat...
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    EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: OR, Redmond - 6/10/2020 to 6/17/2020

    Stay home. Stay safe. This thing won't be over anytime soon. Tune in to Governor Cuomo's daily briefing for factual information.
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    2013 BigHorn 3570RS - Looking for pics of the holding tanks

    I had a 2015 model 3570. The fresh tank is between the axles. The black tank is centered just aft of the basement wall. One gray tank is under the basement and the other is somewhere between the fresh and black. Pull the wall down and you will be able to see the black tank.
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    W/D in BC 3560SS

    Whatever you decide between stacked or all in one. Do not go ventless.
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    Portable Generator Questions

    I use non ethanol gas and Stabil.
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    Cable TV has no reception

    Also choose the correct input when you do the channel search on each TV.
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    Lake Havasu to Vegas

    Thanks Len
  26. Gaffer

    Lake Havasu to Vegas

    Been through Vegas several times to and from Lake Havasu via Needles. Was wondering what the route through Kingman is like for towing?
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    2019 Dodge Ram 3500 5th wheel hitch.

    I bought a Demco picture frame adapter for my 2018 Ram. Was not impressed with the fit. Pain in the a** to take in and out so left it in all the time. Could not get a socket to go on all the bolts at the corners for the torque wrench so had to use an open or box end wrench.
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    Question... I have a 2020 250BH what size cover do I need...

    If you have wet winters you will likely be cleaning the green off your roof as well. Keep a window or two and roof vent open to reduce condensation when it warms up. Also run a dehumidifier when ever your temps are above freezing. I would never do it again after once in the Pacific NW. But if...
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    Question... I have a 2020 250BH what size cover do I need...

    Here is everything you need to know:
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    Popping sound as we walk in fiver

    Takes a little time but on two different occasions I have used a Turkey baster to suck out enough to add the fluid. First with Torco which helped some for a while. Then with the Cat fluid which did a much better job. Worth the extra $.
  31. Gaffer

    VIAIR Compressor versus tank compressor

    Get the 450 or 450RV. I have the 450 and carry an extra hose.
  32. Gaffer

    VIAIR Compressor versus tank compressor

    I have both and choose to carry the Viair.
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    Who has upgraded to the MORryde pin box..?

    Didn't have it on my 2010 but did on my 2015 Bighorn. Would not be without it. Huge difference in comfort while towing.
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    Diffuser plate

    Anybody using a diffuser plate on their induction cooktop or hot plate so they can use regular cookware? What are you using and how well does it work?
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    Ideas for holding coffee pot in place during travel?

    We put ours in the sink.
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    Barstow to Reno in April

    I got that thanks. Anything in Barstow? I didn't see anywhere I would like to stop.
  37. Gaffer

    Barstow to Reno in April

    Looking at the map. Havasu to Barstow to Bishop to Reno would be close to thirds. Any decent parks in Barstow or Bishop?
  38. Gaffer

    Barstow to Reno in April

    From Lake Havasu to Reno is 10 miles shorter in distance and about 1/2 hour quicker to go the 95 rather than the 395. I could go to Ridgecrest the 1st day and stay at the Elks lodge and go from there to Reno maybe staying in between for a night.
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    Barstow to Reno in April

    Anyone towed this route in late March or early April? We are flexible on travel dates to avoid an unexpected storm, but were wondering about overnight campgrounds along the route and if there are a lot of grades (up or down) over 5%. I am looking to see something different out my window. Have...