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  1. LBR

    Puzzling Backup Camera Issue..

    I didn't see where you were speaking of the monitor antenna, only the monitor. My Furrion system is 6 years old and has a disconnect-able antenna connection....never have seen an "S" system. Can you even disconnect the camera's antenna? If so, that may help to relocate it with a better antenna...
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    Puzzling Backup Camera Issue..

    No, I didn't change my monitor out. What I did was relocated both my camera and monitor antennas to where they have a direct line-of-sight with each other. I bought 2 ~12" long antennas, fittings, and lead-in wires to place my camera antenna on the side of our is attached to the...
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    TV mounting above main door.

    If you look closely with a penlight flashlight, you may see a backer board that is screwed to a base. Looking under and over the TV, you may find 2-3 screws in both places like our over the door tv has. Otherwise, it may have a strap attached to the tv mount swivel base locking pin....pull...
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    Puzzling Backup Camera Issue..

    The Furrion system worked OK for me when I installed it 6 years ago, but because of our overall length from camera to monitor, it would drop signal way too much for me. With a few parts from Amazon, I relocated both camera and monitor antennas so they have Line-Of-Sight communication with each...
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    Water Filter

    We don't drink any water from our fresh tank, as we pack our own 43 gallons of drinking/cooking water separately...thus I DIY'd my own onboard system. It includes everything I wanted/needed.... filter/regulator/meter....and I had no need to include a charcoal/softener. It works fine for us, and...
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    Leak above awning?

    Heat gun or hair dryer, and Gorilla Tape for now. When temps turn decent, you can resolve it with a better, long term repair.
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    Anderson Water Switch over valve issue

    Yes they are. I put a kit into our original 2017 CY and it held for 3 or so years until an O-ring ripped...went to buy another kit from ABCO and were not available. Replaced it with a brass valve.
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    For the love of god where is the shwintek controller

    Have you looked in the front-most compartment on the back wall or.attached on top of those areas? referencing the battery/generator compartment.
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    Residential refrigerator problem

    I would do 2 things. Pull the plug on the inverter, then either disconnect the trailer from shore power or turn off the refrigerator breaker if you're sure it is labelled properly. 1) Pull the transfer switch cover off and make sure all wire connections are tight inside on the inverter side of...
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    Both slide and awning do not work!

    Hopefully you're not under the impression that your AC is powered by battery, as your wording suggests?
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    No outside storage keys for 2019 Cyclone

    Same keys for our 2017 CY....R001, CH751.
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    6 point level jacks won't hold memory

    Download the Lippert Now has the entire process for calibrating your jacks.
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    Would you tow this with a 1 ton short box SRW?

    I wouldn't tow that trailer with anything less than a Class 4-9 MD or HD Truck. Class 1-3's are simply LD pickups.
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    Back-up camera

    ^^This^^....look for a single wire with an individual fuse holder and maybe with snap on cover...shipped like that from factory....add a fuse.
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    TapaTalk Ending?

    Hi Admins.... I've gotten 9 of these from sites I frequent using assuming it will be ending here also?? ------------------ Hi LBR, We originally granted Tapatalk access to our forum in order to provide a better mobile experience for our members. Last month, Tapatalk notified us...
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    Entry Door laminate cracking

    When we were at our home base for 2 months this summer, I picked up 2-4x8 sheets of FRP and proper adhesive to replace ours with. After removing one door, I laid it on a table for disassembly and found out it isn't feasible to remove the factory FRP without disrupting the filler underneath...
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    lithium battery / 30amp power supply

    Wire a 3K watt inverter inline to your entire 120 breaker box. Study up the pros and cons, how to auto-disconnect your converter when inverter is switched on, etc. Coach all occupants how to use, and what heavy draw loads consume to keep from over taxing the system. We always use one of our 2...
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    In command

    Let us know what the fix is.
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    Slide out lubrication...

    ^^This[emoji3516][emoji3516]^^. The gears and rack on the can is referring to exactly that. What are you wanting to lube on your pulley system with it again?
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    Switching to Lithium Batteries...

    Our CY has the factory PD9280 and we have been using lithiums for 5+ years now. While it can't charge as fast as a dedicated lithium charger, it works fine. The only thing I had to do is add the Charge Wizard for automatic-to-manual over-ride for manual selecting to get the most out of generator...
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    Generator on 210rb

    I keep my Firman 3.3K in the truck 10 months out of the year. It is just in front of the trailer plugin, and behind the wheelwell, on driver's side.
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    Exact placement for ours also. I automatically added it with the sensors/monitors, as we have a 45' CY and crew cab, so I expected my monitors may need a boosted signal....never have had a drop-out from day-one except when a sensor "asks" me for a battery!
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    Fuel Station Not Functioning

    And they didn't mention anything about having any fuel in the tank to pick up...yet another idea, eh?
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    Solar Install

    That's what I did in our 2017 CY...full-house 3K inverter. IMO, the only downfall is if you don't educate those who frequent the inside about inverter limitations when off-grid.
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    New water pump, water still going into fresh tank while in "City" position

    Likewise here with stepping up to the brass valve. I babied my original one all the time....bled-off the water pressure before turning, turned in one direction only, pulled cartridge and lubed the O-rings a couple time....all to no avail. This brass ABCO valve is a great replacement. I don't...
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    Water dripping from underside by middle hydraulic jack

    Our CY does exactly the same thing, and is normal. The 2 DS vent lines are exposed and setting on the frame rail...when FW tanks fill up, they leak out excess water, run down my rail and leak onto the DS middle jack. The ODS lines are lower, so I put shutoffs on them to eliminate tank siphoning...
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    Fuel Station Not Functioning

    If the pump runs but doesn't pump fuel, it has to be the pump, or the nozzle trigger isn't opening to allow fuel out....should be easy to figure that out. Sent from my motorola edge plus using Tapatalk
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    Dish Network has abandoned the 129 degrees satellite (Without announcing it)

    Great info...just checked ours and it too is only the 110 & 119 satellites....thank you!
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    Black tank flush

    Replacing with a check valve is definitely something an owner can do... unfortunately the manufacturers are bound to the requirement of using an air-gap device. On an off-day, if the device is installed backwards, es no bueno for sure.
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    Clean and seal roof

    We use this once a year.
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    Keeping residential fridge closed on the road. Locks supplied do not hold.

    Correct you are. We use double sided velcro straps on our French door resi frig.
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    Another broken shackle problem

    We had the driver's rear hanger break after running over some permanent rumble strips outside of Canby, Ca. After passing thru Alturas heading south, I noticed the rear our tri-axle CY dogging. Stopped a couple miles later and found the free-floating shackle attached to the spring, but not the...
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    Resurfacing garage and side patio floor

    I used Herculiner 4 years ago for a 2-coat complete covering on the rear deck....since then, I brush it on every year to keep all edges sealed.
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    The couch is vinyl coating coating is coming off

    Our 2017 CY is past due to replace. I still have the brochures from our purchase of Heartland touting our great, upgraded furniture for our model. It's referred to as Pleather...plastic you can search that word on-site of more threads/posts. I have compiled a list of many others'...
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    Toilet Closet Flange
  36. LBR

    Cyclone triple axle brackets (hangers) bent

    If you don't already have one, I would purchase a simple 6" laser level. Take a 2x4 long enough to completely bridge both sides of a tire and "shoot" the tire next to it. Compute the thickness of the 2x4 and laser level beam standoff. Have a companion hold the level while you measure the beam...
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    Inverter instead of generator?

    Our converter is on it's own dedicated breaker that we manually switch off when wanting our 3K inverter, then we switch back to on when using shore or either generator. You can also wire up to automatically do the same using an extension cord and switch that energizes the transfer switch to...