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  1. southernlady5464

    Maine Campground Recommendations

    We enjoyed Pumpkin Patch in Hermon, ME just on the edges of Bangor. It’s advantage is price. Yes, its about an hour from Bar Harbor and Arcadia NP. But its a very pleasant drive. Yes, it’s not on the coast but you pay for that privilege. If you look at the...
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    MCD Shades up or down for travling

    Up, if I don’t, they end up up by the time I get where I need to be and not in a pretty fashion.
  3. southernlady5464

    Chips falling onto bed...

    Our 2017 Landmark did this to this day although it has slowed down. I’ve wondered just how much debris was left up there?
  4. southernlady5464

    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    But how many people bother to read the directions
  5. southernlady5464

    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    We seldom used laundromats, as we have stackables in our rig but we did use them for the heavy bedding. One of the laundromats we used, said “Pods Only”.
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    Good luck in retirement.
  7. southernlady5464

    Battery drain while in storage

    Have you considered taking them home?
  8. southernlady5464

    Battery drain while in storage

    Get a batter tender.
  9. southernlady5464

    Suburban Furnace died (resolved)

    Mobile tech came out this mornin. It was the sail switch.
  10. southernlady5464

    Suburban Furnace died (resolved)

    Actually you may have hit on it. Charles tried to kill the batteries this week. It was too late to do anything last night but we are off to Sam’s this morning to buy new ones. I’ll let you know if this resolves the issue.
  11. southernlady5464

    Suburban Furnace died (resolved)

    Fuses are fine, according to my husband.
  12. southernlady5464

    Suburban Furnace died (resolved)

    The only propane appliance besides the furnace is the water heater and we used it on propane this morning. We can also run our propane generator.
  13. southernlady5464

    Suburban Furnace died (resolved)

    Today has been the trip from ****. Colombo (our rig) never fails, he always needs just “one more thing”. Woke up to a dead furnace. Suburban SF42 Low Profile Heartland Landmark 2017 Charleston but Suburban is used in many manufacturers. We were on our way back from a failed trip to Goshen...
  14. southernlady5464

    Rv gps

    But are the apps required to work with them? We have a Garmin RV GPS, Lifetime updates and the ONLY time it got us in trouble was in NYS with the thruways. We emailed Garmin with the pertinent data to prove the issue. Photos from along the route as well as documentation from the parkway website...
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    Reference the dishwasher and refrigerator. BTW, we are full timers. We haven’t ever winterized this rig in the almost 5 years we’ve owned it. We will be in Goshen for a week starting Sunday for repair at Affinity. Much of that time, the rig will be inside, only Sunday night will be outside. We...
  16. southernlady5464

    any ideas for a better shower head?

    We got an Oxygentics. Love it. We got one with 7 settings, not one that looks like the d*8med banana.
  17. southernlady5464

    What is the “Basement” you guys keep referring to?

    The basement is the storage area under the rig. In our case, it’s under the bedroom of our fifth wheel.
  18. southernlady5464

    Soft floors in M21 Edge

    First find out what is causing the soft floors. Otherwise you will be repairing for nothing.
  19. southernlady5464

    Need a new roof?

    We had to have our roof replaced due to an argument with with a tree a few years back. Had we known the cost of replacing the roof was comparable to replacing it with an RV Armor roof, we would have done that.
  20. southernlady5464

    Humana Advantage Plans

    Plan F is no longer available to new enrollees. If you had it already with no gap in coverage with it you can maintain it. I got in under the deadline the year I turned 65.
  21. southernlady5464

    Removing Shower Door

    BTW, yesterday I did was my liner and curtain cause the bottom was getting a touch moldy. Super easy. The washer did all the work. I don’t use the dryer, just hang up to dry. I toss a whitish towel in there a scrubby, add bleach.
  22. southernlady5464

    Tow vehicle options

    We have a 2015 F450 Long bed. We tow a Landmark Charleston. Total weight is 18,000 lbs but our truck can easily tow much more. We jokingly say we could tow a medium third world country. Whatever you get, do not trust the sales weasels at the dealership to tell you. Look it up for yourself. For...
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    Frameless windows

    We don’t boondock. In over 4.5 years, we’ve done it one day. Having lived with the frameless that long, I wish to goodness we had large framed windows. This rig turns into an oven anytime it gets over 75 outside. Our next rig will have framed windows if at all possible.
  24. southernlady5464

    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    Because he retired and is now working for a competitor.
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    We are still retiring heating pads on the tanks (running the wires). Also replacing the coroplast and fiberglass that came out when we had to get into the underbelly to replace hydraulic hoses. We are replacing the coroplast not in one sheet but several so if one has to be removed, we don’t...
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    Mortgage loan on an RV

    I agree with the recreation vehicle part But the depreciation in value….they give mortgage loans on mobile homes even if you rent the lot and they depreciate in value as well.
  27. southernlady5464

    Lowe's Military Discount Policy

    I hadn’t noticed prices any higher than Lowe’s, HD.
  28. southernlady5464

    Lowe's Military Discount Policy

    Actually the Menards in Elkhart and Goshen and here in the northern panhandle of WV, Menards has an 11% discount for everyone.
  29. southernlady5464

    Where are the Landmarks?

    They stopped selling Landmarks about three years ago. Only new inventory are DRV’s.
  30. southernlady5464

    Water tank sensors not working

    The fresh water tank is usually the most accurate. None of the others are. Stuff gets on the sensors and don’t come loose.
  31. southernlady5464

    Does good Sam membership come with a brand new purchase

    But it is worth it. Most campgrounds offer a 10% off with Good Sam.
  32. southernlady5464

    Does good Sam membership come with a brand new purchase

    Not unless the dealer offers it. It isn’t automatic.
  33. southernlady5464

    2018 Heartland Bighorn crack in body

    Yes, they are called stress cracks and all manufacturers are prone to the (at least those with slides). They can be fixed. If you are diy talented, there are YouTubes to help. Otherwise get them fixed by a technicians. We have had three and getting a fourth one fixed this fall.
  34. southernlady5464

    Dually or not ?

    Ford has a similar guide:
  35. southernlady5464

    ceiling fan and the slide that broke the paddle

    We replaced ours with one from Home Depot. Affinity RV in Goshen put it in for u.
  36. southernlady5464

    Kitchen faucet leak

    We replumbed our 1910 house with PEX. Even to the kitchen faucet. Never had an issue. Even plumbers in our local big box stores used Pex, our plumber who came in to plumb the toilets and new shower pan used pex everywhere he could. So I’m not sure I understand your reasoning.
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    Residential Refrigerator Door Strap

    We use this one: Its a two pack, still on the first one. We have a side by side so it works for us.
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    My cast iron skillet and a chihuahua. Both open carry.
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    In Memory of Frank Baker

    May he RIP, and may his family find comfort.